2024 Lok Sabha: Prashant Kishor on Nitish Kumar’s preparations: Drinking coffee and posing with some politicians is not the way to win

Bihar Politics: Prashant Kishor said that if Nitish Kumar leaves without government security, he will understand development.

Bihar Politics: Election strategist Prashant Kishor is going to launch a state-wide Jansuraj Padyatra in Bihar on Sunday (October 2, 2022) on Gandhi Jayanti. During this, while talking to the media, Kishor spoke openly on many issues, while he also targeted Chief Minister Nitish Kumar fiercely.

When asked about the preparations of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for the Lok Sabha elections 2024, he criticized Nitish Kumar’s anti-BJP campaign launched at the national level. He said that having coffee and posing with some politicians is not the way to win. This does not change the national politics. No one becomes prime minister. Bihar is still a backward state.

If Nitish Kumar leaves without government security, then he will understand development. Nitish Kumar has been showing political juggernaut for 10 years and is clinging to the chair. Nothing is going to happen by sticking to the chair. You have to work on the ground.

Prashant Kishor said for the first time, I have seen that people did not use those words for Nitish Kumar till 2014-15, until I worked for him. Till 2015, no one used abusive words for Nitish. But people are now using abusive words for him. He said that I think that phase is over for Nitish Kumar. There is corruption, lethargy and inefficiency in the lower bureaucracy. There is no fear of the government in such office bearers.

Regarding his padyatra, Prashant Kishor claims that in the history of Bihar, such a padyatra has not happened in the last 75 years. The purpose behind the 3500 km padyatra is to lay the foundation of a new Bihar. By talking to the people, based on the main points like migration, unemployment, agriculture, education and health, for the next 15 years, the vision document of development of Bihar at the Panchayat level is to be prepared.


Asked Prashant Kishor – Are you eyeing the post of CM of Bihar or the elections of 2024? got such answer

I will stay during my journey in the villages where I will reach in the evening. I have avoided national highways. I will visit all the blocks and all the towns and most of the panchayats. My idea is to visit villages in maximum numbers and identify such people who should be encouraged to join politics.

Kishor said that I will start my padyatra in West Champaran, I will roam in this district for 35 days. That’s why I have kept one and a half year to complete the padyatra. As far as social interaction is concerned, it is true that caste is a fact in Bihar, but people do not see me as the leader of the caste. I have a different USP. They expect change from me. There is also a section of people who think that I can bring about a change. There are some people who think that if I help them, they can win the local level elections.


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