8-10 people entered Siddhivinayak shop, posing as income tax officers and took away 17 gold biscuits

The thieves disguised themselves as Income Tax officials and stole gold biscuits worth Rs 60 lakh.

A surprising incident has come to light from Hyderabad. Here 17 gold biscuits have been stolen from a shop named Siddhivinayak in Monda market. Their price is said to be around 60 lakhs. This incident of theft is of May 27.

At present, the police have arrested four accused and are on the lookout for the rest. This theft has happened in a very filmy style. The accused were so busy that even the shopkeeper could not understand who they were.

Police recovered 7 gold biscuits

Actually 8-10 people entered inside a shop named Siddhivinayak. He carried out the incident by calling himself an Income Tax officer. He cleared his hands of 17 gold biscuits worth Rs 60 lakh from the shop.


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After the incident, the police have arrested 4 accused. The accused have been identified as Rehman Gafoor Athar, Zakir Gani Athar, Praveen Yadav and Akash Arun Hovil. Police have recovered seven gold biscuits from these accused.

Police engaged in investigation

In this case, Hyderabad City Police Commissioner CV Anand says that 7-8 people stole 17 gold biscuits from a shop named Siddhivinayak in Monda Market, pretending to be income tax officers. While four accused have been arrested, the search is on for others. He will also be arrested soon.


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The incident was executed like a special 26 film

Actually, the accused carried out this theft like the film Special 26. The accused put their mind in such a way that the shop owner did not even get a clue that they are fake officers. The shop owner later realized that he had been cheated. After this he lodged a complaint with the police. Presently further investigation is going on.


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