A bunch of girls were fighting, the policeman alone made everyone’s condition worse

It is seen in the video that the argument between the girls increased and fighting started.

Various types of videos have been going viral on social media. It also includes many videos of fighting. Women also do not lag behind in the fight. A video is going viral on social media in which a group of girls is seen fighting. Meanwhile a policeman reaches there and he took such a step that the whole fight stopped within minutes.

It is seen in the video that there was a lot of fighting among the girls over some issue. The girls started pulling each other’s hair and fighting. They were fighting badly with each other. The girls are seen kicking each other and pulling each other’s hair. Meanwhile, a policeman arrives and he forces the girls to run away within a minute.

The policeman reaches the girls and sprays them with pepper spray.
As soon as the pepper spray was applied, the girls started running from there and the place where the fight was still taking place suddenly became empty. This video is going viral on social media and people are praising the policeman fiercely.


A user named Sandhya wrote that whatever spray it is, it is very useful. Might come in handy in neighborhood battles. One user wrote that many such battles are happening in India too, this spray is needed here too. Another user wrote that the way the officer took steps to stop the brawl is the best. This should be done all over the country, hats off to the police officer.


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A user named Juhi wrote that this type of quarrel is being seen for the first time. Another user wrote that when will this technology be used in India, sometimes it is very much needed. A female user wrote that we used to think that people fight like this only in India, but people from outside have gone way ahead of us, now we too will have to think.


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