A suspect in the murder of two Muslim men

The police are looking for the culprits. We have told the Rajasthan government that if they need help in finding him, we are ready to help. It is essential to find the culprits. “The Rajasthan police are looking for him. We have no information on his whereabouts. We can’t say if they have any information.”

Manesar, who heads the cow vigilante wing of the Hindutva group in Haryana, is a suspect in the murder of two Muslim men.

Manesar is suspected of the murder of two men, Nasir and Junaid, whose charred bodies were found in a car after they were abducted by cow vigilantes in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, on February 16.
Last month, police filed a charge sheet against the trio – Rinku Saini, Manu Rana aka Narendra Kumar and Gogi -. Police are still investigating Manesar and 26 others.

The Chief Minister said that 20 companies of the central forces have already been deployed in Haryana. Of these, 14 are in Nuh, three in Palwal, two in Gurugram and one in Faridabad.

He appealed to the population to maintain peace and harmony. It is not possible for the police to protect every individual in a state, said Mr. Khattar.

According to NDTV, the Chief Minister said: “If there is no friendship, there is no security. “There is no security if everyone insists on contradicting each other. It is not possible for the police, the army or you and me to protect every human being.”

According to the Hindustan Times, police said they did not know when or where Manesar shot the videos.

“Rajasthan and Haryana police conducted several raids on his house in Manesar village and other possible hideouts to arrest Monu Manesar,” said a senior Haryana police officer, whose identity was not revealed. “However, he was never found at these locations. He has remained in hiding since February, when his name came up in both murders. Our teams are continuing their efforts to catch him.”
The video, in which 30-year-old Manesar is seen calling on his supporters to join the procession, circulated widely on social networks and was reported by the media even before the violence began. Following the revelation of the video, the Haryana police were also on the alert to arrest Manesar.
However, it is unclear whether Manesar eventually made it to the procession. Manesar told PTI that he did not take part in the procession on Monday on the advice of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, which feared that his presence would create tension.


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