A woman poisoned her husband after 40 years of marriage and sent this shocking message to her daughter

In this murder case, the woman was sentenced to 8.5 years in prison. She had brutally murdered her husband. Poison had been added to the food. Later, the wrist of the hand was also cut off.
This woman killed her wife by giving her poison after 40 years of marriage. She also sent a shocking message to her daughter before cutting off her husband’s wrist. This woman named Judith Ann Wayne killed her husband Lance on the morning of 2020 at their home in Brisbane, Australia. She accepted her husband’s murder. He is currently on parole. But there was no expression of remorse on his face.
Now that the case has been heard, new information has emerged. The court was told that Lance had arrived at his daughter’s house at 3:42 in the morning. He had to take his car to get there. He waited for his daughter to wake up. She then told Wayne that her father would arrive at the house at 4 a.m. Wayne replied, “Okay. Wayne replied, “Okay, that’s it. It is not yet known whether Wayne’s 69-year-old daughter was also involved in the crime.
Supreme Court Justice Francis Williams also mentioned Wayne’s poor mental state. He was granted parole after being held in custody for 1,081 days. She was convicted of killing her husband last week. The court was told that on August 13, 2020, Wayne went to the pharmacy and brought her husband Lance’s medication. She mixed 50 tablets with vegetable soup. She also researched ways to end her life on the Internet. Before killing her, she told her husband to sharpen the knife.
Now let’s talk about the day of the murder. Wayne gave her husband poisoned soup at 7:30 am. He went to take a bath in the bathroom, but couldn’t stand up. His wife Wayne then took him into the bedroom. Lance then punched him in the face to save himself, leaving a scar on Wayne’s face. Lance then collapsed, unconscious. Wayne cut the wrist of his left hand with a sharp knife. After that, he also tried to take his own life, leaving a note for his family.

The couple quarreled

Doctors were unable to save Lance. The cause of death was determined to be an overdose of sleeping pills. Judge Williams stated that Lance’s mental state had also deteriorated in the months leading up to his death. Marital life was not going well. Lance had a habit of beating Wayne and using abusive language. Doctors believe that Wayne’s level of depression increased significantly while she was killing her husband. The couple also have three children. Judge Williams sentenced Wayne to 8.5 years in prison, but granted him immediate parole due to his mental state.


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