Afghanistan: Why was the ban imposed on girls going to university in Kabul? Taliban gave a strange argument, said – like weddings…

Afghanistan News: The Higher Education Minister of Taliban in Afghanistan has banned the education of girls in public and private universities on Tuesday.

Taliban Women Education: The Taliban government of Afghanistan imposed an indefinite ban on university education for Afghan girls. The statement of the education minister of the Taliban has come to the fore amid voices raised against this decision across the world, in which he has explained why he has banned women from taking higher education in the country. Education Minister Nida Mohammad Nadeem believes that some subjects being taught in universities are against the principles of Islam, hence the ban has been imposed.

Afghan Women Banned From Universities

The Taliban’s higher education minister said on Thursday that the ban on women in Afghanistan’s universities was imposed because girls were not following the correct dress code and other instructions. The Taliban higher education chief said women were banned from universities to prevent them from mingling with men, reports AP news agency. The university’s curriculum was in violation of Islamic values.

Afghanistan: Women ignore Islamic instructions

Mohammad Nadeem, minister of higher education in the Taliban government, said that the female students had ignored Islamic instructions. “Unfortunately, after 14 months have passed, the directives of the Islamic Emirate’s Ministry of Higher Education regarding women’s education have not been implemented,” Nadeem said in an interview on state television. She was dressed as if she was going to a wedding. The girls who were coming from home to the university were also not following the hijab instructions.”


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Women protest against Taliban’s decision

Nadeem also said that some science subjects are not suitable for women. He said that engineering, agriculture and some other courses do not match the dignity and respect of female students and also the Afghan culture. On the other hand, a small group of Afghan women protested against the Taliban order in Kabul on Thursday after banning women from universities. Some women have also been arrested while demonstrating.


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