After filling petrol, the person gave 2000 note, then the employee took out the oil, video going viral

After filling the petrol, the man had given Rs 2000 notes but the staff refused to accept it. Not only this, he also took out the oil filled in the car.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced the withdrawal of the Rs 2,000 note on 19 May. Since then people are adopting various ways to change 2000 notes. Now a shocking and laugh-out-loud video from Uttar Pradesh’s Jalaun is going viral. A person gave 2000 note after filling the petrol, then the employee refused to accept the 2000 note and also took out the petrol given in reverse.

Filled petrol was taken out after seeing 2000 thousand note

According to the RBI, Rs 2,000 notes can be exchanged at the bank till September 30, with a fixed limit of Rs 20,000 at a time. However, till then people can also use 2000 notes. Therefore, his refusal to accept Rs.2,000 is illegal. In such a situation, when this matter came to light from Jalaun, the police also became active.

Will the police take action now?

According to the information, after filling the petrol, the person had given 2000 rupee notes but the employees refused to accept it. Not only this, the petrol filled in the vehicle was also taken out through the pipe. Its video has also surfaced. After this video went viral, the police are also talking about taking action regarding this matter.

Reacting to the video, the Jalaun Police has said that “taking cognizance of the incident, the Inspector-in-Charge Thana Kotwali Orai has been directed to take necessary action.” The petrol pump owner says that after the RBI’s announcement to withdraw the notes, petrol pumps are getting a large number of Rs 2,000 notes, which has made transactions difficult. People are giving 2000 notes after taking some petrol, this is causing problems.


RBI has already stopped printing Rs 2000 note, you will be able to change only so many notes at a time

The video of this incident by Twitter user Nigar Parveen (@NigarNawab) is now going viral, on which many people are reacting. Some people say that action should be taken against the owner of the petrol pump, while some people have said that if people fill nominal petrol just to exchange 2000 notes, then how can it be managed.

To change the notes, neither any form will have to be filled nor any ID card will have to be shown, read what are the rules for changing the notes?


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