After the breakup, the girlfriend was not agreeing, the young man kidnapped her and tortured her for 644 km, then buried her alive in the soil

Before kidnapping, he sent several messages to Jasmin, in one of which it was written- ‘It is your misfortune that I am still alive’, Chip, wait and watch. You will get the answer.

A shocking incident has come to light in Australia. A nursing student from India was first abducted by a young man from India. Then after torturing him, he was buried alive in the soil. He was only upset that the girlfriend was not coming back to him after the breakup. This horrifying incident came to the fore during the hearing in the Supreme Court of Australia. The young man will now have to remain in jail for the rest of his life.

Tariqjot Singh killed his girlfriend of 21 years, Jasmin Kaur, simply because she refused to re-adopt him. He first sent messages to Jasmine to persuade her to reunite. When she did not agree, he started sending threatening messages. He sent many messages to Jasmin, in one of which it was written- ‘It is your misfortune that I am still alive’, Chip, Wait and Watch. You will get the answer. Although the girl had complained to the police that Tariqjot was constantly following her, but no action was taken.

Jasmin Kaur was abducted from her office on 5 March 2021. Tariqjot was so enraged by her refusal that he kidnapped Jasmine by taking a car from a friend and then traveled 644 km. He had already gone with preparations. He abducted Jasmin and bandaged her hands, feet, mouth and eyes everywhere. Jasmine did not know where she was going. After that he made several cuts on her neck. But he wanted to give her a painful death. He made a small grave and buried Jasmine alive. She kept on dying by moles.

Didn’t confess earlier, accepted during the hearing

Tarikjot had not confessed his crime earlier. He was arrested by the police on the basis of the CCTV footage in which he was seen buying things like rope, knife in a mall. Earlier he had said that Jasmin had committed suicide. He buried her. In 2023, he confessed that he had killed Jasleen. But his horrifying story came to the fore when the debate on sentencing him was going on. The judge himself was in awe after listening to his horrifying story.

Lawyers appealed for mercy, said – this is ‘crime of passion’

The prosecution said in its arguments that you should feel yourself. Jasmin was dying with moles. He did not know where Tariqjot was abducting him and taking him. But he knew the condition in which she was struggling even to breathe. When she is breathing, the soil will be going inside. The girl’s parents were also present in the court. Tariqjot’s lawyers appealed for mercy, saying it was a ‘crime of passion’. He requested the court to give minimum punishment to Tariqjot.


Advocate got entangled with CJI for elephant, Chandrachud first explained, if he did not agree then he lost his temper, changed his own order

The youth had kidnapped Jasleen from Adelaide. He was buried alive in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. He had bought the materials used to kidnap the student from Miley’s Bunnings. He had taken the student to South Australia after traveling about 644 km.


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