Ajit sitting on the chairman’s chair… Sharad will show ‘Power’ in Delhi and there is disturbance in Shinde faction, how will be the political climax of Maharashtra?

Wednesday was a very important day in this biggest political earthquake of Maharashtra. It can also be called a show of strength Wednesday as both Ajit and Sharad Pawar presented a report card of their respective claims.

The NCP crisis has proved to be a major turning point in Maharashtra politics. Ajit Pawar has not only split the NCP, but has changed the political picture of entire Maharashtra. This is because a decision of Ajit has given Sharad Pawar sleepless nights, on the other hand there has been a disturbance in the Shinde faction and BJP has also started working on its strategy. That is, one decision has left its impact everywhere.

show of strength, who passes, who fails

Now in this biggest political earthquake of Maharashtra, Wednesday was very important. It can also be called a show of strength Wednesday as both Ajit and Sharad Pawar have presented a report card of their respective claims. Ajit Pawar has passed in this case, while Sharad Pawar will be considered failed if only the initial figures are considered as the basis. Actually it was only to be seen whether Ajit Pawar could gather the figure of 36 MLAs in the meeting with him or not. This is because if 36 out of 53 NCP MLAs had come with Ajit, it would have been considered as two tenths and the anti-defection law would not apply to them.


A poster of Ajit cleared the political picture of Maharashtra, this is the real reason behind the rebellion

Now reports suggest that 32 MLAs were present with Ajit on Wednesday, that is four less than 36. At the same time, 18 MLAs reached the meeting of Sharad Pawar’s camp. This figure is enough to tell that Ajit Pawar has learned a lot from the mistake of 2019. This time he has definately rebelled, but after garnering support. Surely they were claiming more than 40 MLAs, but reaching 32 also shows that they have given a big political injury to uncle Sharad Power.

Ajit on the chairman’s chair, message to uncle

Now Ajit first only rebelled, but announced on Wednesday that he is going to be the new president of NCP from now on. He dismissed Sharad Pawar in one stroke. It is a different matter that the Sharad camp is rejecting this decision, but the number game is going on in such a way that this bet of Ajit cannot be completely denied. He has insisted that Sharad Pawar should be blessed now, he is over 80, so he should take retirement.


‘I was laughing’, Praful Patel taunted at the meeting of opposition parties in Patna, know the full sentence

This statement is enough to tell that Ajit wants to use the face of his uncle Sharad Pawar, but he does not want to see him in active politics. Now on one hand Ajit appeared aggressive, while on the other hand Sharad Pawar’s show of strength proved to be a bit lackluster. First of all, he did not have the support of enough MLAs, on top of this, when he said in his address that if Ajit was angry, then he should talk, this statement told that the events of three days have changed Sharad Pawar from aggressive to soft mode. Have brought in

Pawar relenting, churning in Delhi over Plan B

Sharad Pawar said in his address that what happened with Shiv Sena happened with NCP. If there was anything in mind, Ajit could talk to me. Sorry to hear about him. PM had accused NCP in Bhopal that NCP has done corruption. NCP is a corrupt party then why was it included in the government. Dialogue is necessary to save democracy. It is our job to rectify the mistake. The PM had said that he has learned to run the government from Pawar Saheb.


Will uncle Sharad Pawar’s NCP really fly away with Ajit? Understand this whole game from legal point of view

Now, if Sharad Pawar’s address is decoded, it is clear that he is more sad than why this happened to him. He also compared himself to Shiv Sena, which means that Ajit’s one game has hurt his heart. Meanwhile, Sharad Pawar is going to hold another big meeting of his NCP camp tomorrow at 3 pm in Delhi. This is the meeting of the National Council, in such a situation it is believed that some plan B can be worked out.

Two applications, two demands in the Election Commission, whose victory?

Although Plan B will come out later, but both Ajit and Sharad Pawar’s faction has sent its application to the Election Commission. On one hand, Ajit Pawar’s camp has staked claim on NCP’s election symbol, while on the other hand, Jayant Patil, on behalf of Sharad Pawar, filed an application demanding disqualification of 9 MLAs of Ajit faction. For now, the Election Commission has only said that the documents of both the factions are being understood and a decision will be taken later.

Now it is necessary to understand on what the decision of the Election Commission is going to be based. If Shiv Sena people try to understand from the matter, then the group which will have majority, it is going to win. At present, Ajit Pawar is standing at Shide’s place, numbers are also present properly, which means that he can be considered in a stronger position than uncle.

Ajit’s rebellion made Shinde sleepless

By the way, at this time the NCP crisis has increased the concern of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. It is also natural for them to worry because Ajit Pawar, with whom they were troubled during the Maha Vikas Aghadi government, has now changed sides and joined the NDA. In fact, during the MVA government, Ajit was holding the Finance Ministry, then the pro-Shinde MLAs used to allege that he did not get funds for development in his area in time. Disturbed by all those things, the rebellion was done then. But now Ajit’s rebellion has made the MLAs of Shinde faction uncomfortable.

Party leaders are coming in front of the media and saying that many MLAs are upset with Ajit’s arrival. Eknath Shinde is also understanding the situation, that is why he called an important meeting of his MLAs. Now it should be known that after Ajit, no big game should be played by the Shinde faction in the climax. That is, there is an atmosphere of confusion, twists and turns are being seen continuously and claims are being juggled.


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