Akanksha Puri called the makers of Bigg Boss OTT hypocrites, ‘They wanted to KISS with JD Hadid, if they wanted to promote it everywhere…’

Bigg Boss OTT: Akanksha Puri said that if the kiss was so objectionable then the makers could have stopped it but they didn’t.

Bigg Boss OTT: Akanksha Puri was recently evicted from Bigg Boss OTT. JD Hadid was kissed by Akanksha in Bigg Boss OTT house. Now Akanksha has said that the makers wanted the kiss to happen and that is why they did not stop the task. Akanksha also said that she feels like she has been used as the 30-second kiss was heavily promoted by the makers.

In conversation with Siddharth Kannan, Akanksha was asked about Salman Khan’s apology, which he gave after JD and Akanksha’s kiss on Weekend Ka Vaar. He said he “felt bad that the host had to apologize” but felt even worse that the apology video was not promoted as much as the kiss video.


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Akanksha said, “The teasers and trailers that were posted on the app. There were so many reels that got so much publicity. There were thumbnails, screenshots of me and JD kissing. He wrote ‘Hottest Kiss Ever’ and that was the name of the episode on the app. I watched that more than the apology video.”

Akanksha exposed the hypocrisy of Bigg Boss makers and said, “On one hand, you are promoting it so much. I feel I have been used somehow. You used me for this and your host had to apologize for it so I find these things very contradictory… and if it was so wrong, they could have stopped work.’ Akanksha said that if the contestants are not wearing their mic properly or are not talking in English then Bigg Boss immediately raises objections but no one stopped them during this task.


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Akanksha said, “They could have said stop the task and we would have stopped it, but no one stopped it. That work took a while, the decision was made, the plan was made, we accepted it, and then we did it. In all this, couldn’t they stop us?” When asked if that was who the producers wanted it to be, she said, “Obviously, I think so. The makers had no problem with that kiss, that’s why it was telecasted, that’s why it was promoted, that’s why it’s everywhere, and I was blamed and thrown out of the house. I feel used. When asked if the makers were playing tricks, Akanksha said, “You can say that.”


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After a 30-second kiss, Salman apologized to the audience during Weekend Ka Vaar and said, “You all feel that this was the highlight of the week. Upbringing, family, morality, was that task for his own safety? You don’t need to apologize to me for what you did. I do not care. I’m out of here I am leaving the show.”


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