All records broken! 16-year-old Apple iPhone with 4GB storage fetches Rs 15 crore

A 4GB iPhone from 2007 has been sold at an auction for a record-breaking bid of over 150 million.

4GB iPhone breaks Auction record: Till now smartphones have been sold and bought at the cost of thousands and lakhs of rupees. But now an iPhone with 4 GB RAM has been bid for around Rs 15 crore. Yes, you read right. A rare Apple iPhone with 4GB of RAM has set the record for the highest bid ever. This phone became the best selling Apple product ever in an auction.

Please tell that this iPhone sold in crores was introduced in 2007. An auction for this original iPhone fetched a bid of $190,372.80 (about ₹15,591,411.21 crore). Even before this, a bid of $ 63,000 (Rs 51,67,990) was made for the same model in an auction.

Bid in the auction for a total of 4 iPhones

This iPhone with 4GB of storage was one of the four original iPhones that were put up for auction by LCG Auctions. In this auction, the iPhone with 8 GB storage, which came in 2007, the 16 GB iPhone which came in 2008 was also included. Apart from this, the European version of the locked 2007 8 GB iPhone was also put up for auction on O2. A total of about $ 265,000 (Rs 21738374) was bid for all these iPhones.


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The auction saw the highest demand for the iPhone with 4 GB storage as it is extremely rare. And at the moment it is extremely difficult to buy. Due to low demand, this iPhone was discontinued within three months of launch as most customers showed interest in phones with more storage options. At the time of release, the company made this iPhone available in 2007 for $499 (Rs 41,000). But currently its price is about 400 times more than the launch price.


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Talk about the second most expensive iPhone sold in the auction, the 8GB iPhone that came in 2007 was bid for $ 53,725 (about Rs 44,07,319 crore). This model is also now in the rare category but not like the 4 GB iPhone. At the same time, the 16GB iPhone that came in 2008 was sold for $ 13,789.20 (about Rs 1131217) and the European model was sold for $ 7,075.20 (about Rs 580424).

Let us tell you that these vintage iPhones are now a collection item and Apple’s fans buy them by bidding high. Now these products are part of Apple’s history and legacy and reflect the company’s high standing in the industry.


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