Amazon layoffs: Not 10, 20,000 people will lose their jobs in one fell swoop, Amazon’s big plan!

Amazon to cut 20000 jobs: Information has come out about the layoff of 20000 Amazon employees from all over the world.

Amazon to layoff 20000 employees: Recently there was news that Amazon will lay off around 10000 employees from all over the world. Amazon is reducing its expenses in the midst of economic turmoil in the coming times and due to which there is a plan to lay off jobs at every level. Now according to the New York Times report, the retail tech giant may lay off around 20,000 people.

According to a report in Computer World, Amazon has asked team managers to assess the performance of employees amid the layoff process. 20000 employees means – 6 percent of Amazon’s corporate staff while 1.3 percent of the total 1.5 million (1.5 million) employees. Amazon warehouse workers are also included in 15 lakhs.

According to the company’s employee contract, corporate will provide staff with 24-hour notice about the layoff and severance pay.


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10000 employees laid off news last month

Earlier there was news that 10,000 employees would be laid off from Amazon. After this, Amazon CEO Andy Jesse, while confirming this news, had told the employees that layoffs are going to happen in the company. However, he did not give any number information.


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The CEO had confirmed that Amazon’s device and book business would cut staff. Apart from this, layoffs will also be done in the People, Experience and Technology departments. It has also been learned in the reports that people in the robotics team of the company have also been fired.

Amazon is laying off the company to cut its expenses. It is worth noting that during the Corona epidemic, the company’s retail business grew tremendously, due to which Amazon recruited a lot of new people and rapidly created infrastructure to meet the growing demand. However, with a worldwide recession expected next year, Amazon is preparing itself for the future by cutting costs.

Let us tell you that tech companies are reducing their workforce all over the world. Apart from Amazon, Google, Meta, Twitter have also announced layoffs of their employees on a large scale. Facebook-owned Meta has said to lay off 11,000 people in November 2022. While Twitter’s new CEO and owner Elon Musk has also laid off about 3700 people.

Amazon India will remove hundreds of people in India too

Recently Amazon has stopped its Food Delivery Service in India. Apart from this, it has been learned in the reports that the company can fire hundreds of people in India. read full news here


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