Anupam Kher’s office door was broken and theft was done, thieves were seen sitting in an auto in CCTV

Anupam Kher Office: There is news of theft in Bollywood actor Anupam Kher’s office in Mumbai, which he himself has informed through his social media platform X. Anupam Kher told that the thieves have stolen the negative part of a film made by his company along with one of his safes. Anupam Kher has also informed the Mumbai Police about this.

Anupam Kher himself has given information about the theft at his house through a post on X. He wrote, “Last night, two thieves broke two doors of my office at Veera Desai Road and stole the entire safe from the accounts department (which they probably couldn’t break) and the negatives of a film produced by our company which were in a box.

FIR lodged for theft

Anupam Kher said that our office has filed an FIR and the police has assured that the thieves will be caught soon because in the CCTV camera both of them are seen sitting in the auto with the goods. May God give them wisdom. This video was made by my office people before the police came!

Meanwhile, a police officer told a media organization that the thieves broke the lock and stole goods worth about Rs 4.15 lakh including cash. Anupam Kher has also told that the reel which the thieves stole was in a bag. The thieves thought that there might be money in the bag. Those were the reels of the film ‘Maine Gandhi ko kyun mara’.


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Police assured to catch the thieves

Anupam Kher further said that this is an old building, which has only a few CCTV cameras. From the footage I got, I could see that two people were involved in it. The police have assured me that they will trace them.

Let us tell you that the Bollywood actor had also shared the information about theft of negatives and cash of his film from his office on Instagram.


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