Ayodhya Nagar Nikay Chunav: When his seat was reserved for women, Netaji made his wife a candidate by court marriage

Last time he was a councilor from Swargdwar ward of Ayodhya. This time his wife Priya Shukla is contesting in his place.

UP Municipal Elections: Don’t know how much effort people make to contest elections, sometimes they don’t get ticket and sometimes they don’t get desired seat. Whenever a seat is won, mutual differences within the party become a problem. In such a situation, efficient strategy with manipulation is required. This type of situation is more common in civic elections.

The ward from which he won last time, that ward also got adjusted to the other.

Municipal elections are going to be held in UP after a few days. In such a situation, a funny case has come to light in Ayodhya. Mahendra Shukla, who was councilor last time from Swargadwar ward there, wanted to become a candidate again this time, but this ward has now been accommodated in Laxman Ghat ward. Also, this ward has become a women’s seat. Because of this, the election was going out of his hands this time.

Will marry again ceremonially after winning

Mahendra Shukla did not give up. To register his presence on that seat, he hastily got married to Priya Shukla on December 2 in court and made his wife a candidate from there. Although he was to be married to the person with whom he had done a court marriage after a few days with the consent of the family members, but in view of the elections, he made a strategy to make his wife a candidate by marrying the court first. Later, after winning the election, it has been decided to organize the marriage ceremony again with great fanfare. They got engaged on October 12 last and were to get married in January.

As soon as she came home, the new daughter-in-law went out to seek support from the public.

According to Mahendra Shukla, the public had made him a corporator in the last election and he has fulfilled the promises made to the public to the best of his ability. In such a situation, he wants to go among the public once again and ask for an opportunity to serve him. He was being deprived of it this time because of the women’s seat, so he made a plan that the marriage to be held in January should be done a little earlier and the new daughter-in-law Priya Shukla, who came to the house, should be made the candidate. Working on this plan, he got the court marriage done on December 2 and immediately fielded the daughter-in-law who came home to seek support among the public.


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