Azam Khan went to jail in Hate Speech, also went to the Legislature, now the court came to know that the sentence was wrong, the lawyers are thinking – what to do now

Rampur’s Additional Sessions Judge (MP/MLA) Amitveer Singh overruled the lower court’s decision that sentenced Azam Khan to two years in prison.

Can’t stop torturing time with Azam Khan. His tussle with the BJP government was such that he had to stay in jail for more than two years. Even after the Supreme Court pulled him out, there was no relief. In the 2019 hate speech case, a court in Rampur sentenced him to two years. In this case, after being jailed, he had to lose his hands from the Legislature as well. There was also a ban on contesting elections for six years. BJP’s Ashish Saxena wrested this seat from SP in the by-election. Then somewhere the court came to know that he was innocent.

Rampur’s Additional Sessions Judge (MP/MLA) Amitveer Singh overruled the lower court’s decision that sentenced Azam Khan to two years in prison. On 27 October 2022, the Addition Chief Judicial Magistrate Nishant Mann-1 had held Azam guilty of hate speech. Azam was accused of using abusive language for UP CM Yogi during the 2019 elections. After that this case was registered. A complaint was lodged by Election Officer Anil Kumar Chauhan in this matter. He alleges that Azam had directly threatened the officers.


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Team Azam bid – will prepare strategy after seeing the decision

Team Azam is happy but in dilemma after the decision of Additional Sessions Judge Amitveer Singh. They are not able to understand whether they should celebrate the decision or prepare a strategy to bring back what has gone. Advocate Zubair Ahmed, who appeared in Azam’s court, says that he will prepare a future strategy by looking at the copy of the verdict. He says that because of this case, Azam Khan had to go to jail as well. His legislature also went away. Even his name was removed from the voter list. Now we will see what can happen next.


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BJP’s Ashish Saxena has become MLA from Azam’s seat

Keep in mind that after Azam’s sentence, the by-election was held on December 8 on Rampur seat. The SP had fielded Asim Raza, Azam’s special person. But BJP’s Ashish Saxena made him bite the dust. Saxena got more than 60 per cent votes while Raza got only 36 per cent.


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