‘Bhagyalakshmi’ actor Akash Chowdhary’s car met with a horrific accident, said- ‘He had gone into trauma at that time…’

Akash choudhary Car Accident: TV serial ‘Bhagyalakshmi’ fame actor Akash Choudhary’s car has met with an accident. He was very scared after this accident.

No one knows when who will become victim of which accident. Any person coming and going on the road remains unaware of any accident. Something similar has happened with TV’s popular serial ‘Bhagyalakshmi’ fame Akash Choudhary. He has become a victim of a road accident. After this the actor left with a bit of fear. A heavy truck hit his car from behind. He was going on vacation away from Mumbai with his pet dog. He also told the story of this scene in an interview. Let’s know what he said?

Akash Chaudhary recently had a special conversation with Aaj Tak. He said that ‘he was going on vacation with his pet dog. He wanted to spend time with his pet dog. He was standing at a red light in Navi Mumbai. Then a trucker hit him hard from behind. The driver was driving his car and he was sitting behind with the pet dog. He suffered a severe jolt after the collision. He had completely gone into a shocking state.

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The driver apologized and let him go – Akash

Akash Chaudhary further says that ‘he was saved if he wore the seatbelt. He got down from the car and asked what happened brother, then the truck owner told him that he did not put his foot on the brake all of a sudden. The truck driver accepted his mistake and apologized. He was poor so the actor let him go. He didn’t even run away like people kill and run away. At the same time, the police had also arrived in a while, so they arrested the truck driver, but after a while Akash only let him go. The actor considered his entire sentence quite traumatizing.


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Akash was scared after the accident

Next, Akash says that ‘he returned home with his driver’. Took another car, then again he left for vacation. After something like this happens, the mood gets spoiled a bit. His mother was very worried. When he came out again, she too was calling him repeatedly to check whether everything was fine or not. He had left for Lonavla again but was a little scared on the way. He said that ‘if you have to go, you will go by flight, otherwise you will not go by this way’.


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