Bharat Jodo Yatra: Dogs, cows, buffaloes and pigs also came in this journey, but no one killed them, people said on Rahul Gandhi’s statement – ​​everyone came except voters

Bharat Jodo Yatra: Speaking from the Red Fort, Rahul Gandhi has strongly attacked the media and the government, he said that the media is also doing the work of spreading hatred.

Bharat Jodo Yatra reached the Red Fort in Delhi, where Rahul Gandhi addressed the gathered crowd along with all the Congress leaders. During his address, Rahul Gandhi taunted the media, attacked the government regarding China. He said that he has read Gita, Upanishads but has it been written somewhere to kill weak people? I have not read anywhere but I have seen fear among farmers, youth, small shopkeepers, mothers and sisters.

What did Rahul Gandhi say?

During this, Rahul (Rahul Gandhi, Delhi) said that dogs also came in the yatra, must have seen on TV that no one killed the dog. Cows, buffaloes, pigs also came in this, I saw. All the animals came, all the people came but there was no hatred. As is my India, so is my journey. For example, if someone fell, people used to pick him up within a second. On this statement of Rahul Gandhi, people are giving their reactions on social media.

User Feedback

@vikrantkumar User wrote that dog, pig, buffalo and cow are speaking to the visitors? @abhi_bisen User wrote that now all we can say is that yes brother, everyone knows that people feel bad if dogs and pigs come in this road show. A user wrote that Rahul Gandhi told everyone which animals have joined this yatra so far and now Tukde Tukde Gang, Award Wapsi Gang, Bharat Todo Gang people will join his yatra in a few days. A user named Ratan wrote that everyone must have come but the voters hardly came!

User @hrnext wrote that if he had gone through Borivali in Mumbai, even leopards would have joined his journey. @asif343 User wrote that the word ‘dog’ has come into the limelight recently. It seems to have heard something. @lalitjain1958 User wrote that my head is starting to spin, although he himself believes that my journey is like India, where there is no hatred and violence. @ppmuttin The user wrote that why are the people involved in the Bharat Jodo Yatra being called animals? One user wrote that what is the poet trying to say? A user named Rahul wrote that if everyone is coming for the yatra, then why don’t people come to vote for the Congress?


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Please tell that in his address, Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Gandhi attack on media) also targeted the media. He said that he is our friend but does not show my words on TV. Don’t get angry with the journalists, they are being controlled from behind, but their channels are also working to spread hatred. I have come here from Kanyakumari but I did not see hatred. Everyone loves each other, loves each other.


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