Bharat Jodo Yatra: Video of Rahul Gandhi watching football match goes viral, Congress leader said – MCD result should also be seen

MCD Election Result: Rahul Gandhi was seen playing football match during Bharat Jodo Yatra and Congress leader Acharya Pramod Krishnam taunted!

Bharat Jodo Yatra of Congress has reached Rajasthan. A different style of Rahul Gandhi is being seen in this journey. Now another video of Rahul Gandhi is going viral on social media. In which he is watching a FIFA match in Kota with his fellow leaders and passengers. CM Ashok Gehlot is watching the Morocco vs Spain match along with KC Venugopal and other leaders. A big screen has been installed for this.

Viral video of Rahul Gandhi watching football

During the night rest, Rahul Gandhi is watching a football match with other passengers. Rahul Gandhi has been seen playing football on many occasions. He has also been considered a football lover. However, Congress Acharya Pramod has tweeted on showing Rahul Gandhi a football match. Acharya Pramod tweeted and wrote, “The result of MCD should also be seen.”

User Feedback

@Tyagi_G_ User wrote that if the result of MCD is shown, then how will the truth come out? Say anything but there are definitely some people around who do not allow Rahul to realize what is the reality! @Bunty7Sging2 User wrote that Acharya ji which party are you in? You always keep making statements different from the party line, Kharge ji, Rahul ji, Priyanka ji should take cognizance of your words and throw you out of the party. You are working to hollow out the party.

@K52433402Ramesh User wrote that nowadays Acharya ji is batting a lot against Congress, seems to be very angry. By the way, Baba Ji has the courage to tell the reality. One user wrote that Rahul Gandhi is also watching this match on Ambani’s platform, it should have been boycotted. Another user wrote that it is okay to have seen the match today, but Rahul ji must at least see the election results on December 8!


Viral Photo: Arvind Kejriwal was seen with folded hands in front of Narendra Modi, while Congress’s Supriya Shrinate taunted – like Kharge, talks are done with eyes in the eyes

Let us inform that Bharat Jodo Yatra had entered Rajasthan on 4th December. Modi-Modi slogans were also raised after the yatra reached Jhalawar, the video of which went viral on social media. In Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi said that I do not hate BJP and RSS, but I will not let the country fear. Inflation is increasing, but all the money is going in the hands of some three to four industrialists, which is not right.


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