Bhojpuri actress Anjana Singh came in support of The Kerala Story, said on the ban- ‘If you start doing politics on films too…’

Bhojpuri Actress Anjana Singh On The Kerala Story: There has been a lot of ruckus about ‘The Kerala Story’. But even after controversies, it has joined the club of 100 crores. In such a situation, now Bhojpuri actress Anjana Singh has come out in support of this. He has also given advice to the boycotters.

Adah Sharma starrer film ‘The Kerala Story’ released amidst controversies and the film is doing exceptionally well. It has joined the 100 crore club in just 8 days. Meanwhile, Bhojpuri actress Anjana Singh has also come out in its support. He watched the movie and requested people to know the truth by watching it. the actress Talked about the film with and shared his experience. Along with this, advice has also been given to those who impose boycott and ban.

Sharing her experience on the film, Anjana Singh said, ‘I personally liked the film very much. I believe that people who are not aware of the truth. If those people watch this film then there are many things which will be clear in their mind. It is shown in the film how the Hindu girls were misguided. The reason for this has also been seen in him somewhere. That is, those people were not at all confident about their religion, those who remain confident, they can never be misguided or they cannot be misguided. We should tell our children about our religion from childhood. So that he remains so confident about his religion that no one can misguide him.

Along with this, the actress further says, ‘We often tell everything to our children, teach them. But somewhere they forget to tell their children about their religion. I feel that whoever is watching this film or will go to watch it. He must watch the hidden part of this movie.

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Anjana Singh spoke on the ban

Along with this, Anjana Singh said on the ban on the film, ‘The film is the mirror of the society. It depends on you how you take the film. With what vision have you seen? Seeing this, I did not feel that because of this there would be riots, law and order would deteriorate. I don’t think it should be boycotted. If people start doing politics on films too, then that topic is different. I would not like to talk about it. But if I talk as an artist, if people are getting good messages from the film, then that movie cannot be bad.


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Mamta Banerjee was advised to watch the film!

Anjana Singh has also advised Mamta Banerjee to watch the movie after the film was banned in West Bengal and said, ‘I feel like in Uttar Pradesh like CM Yogi Adityanath ji sat with the cabinet and watched the film. MP government made tax free. Similarly Mamta’s government should also watch this film and then take a decision on it. The information given in it should reach everyone.


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