Big decision of Google! This version of Gmail will be closed soon, switch to the new email app, know the details

Google has decided to say goodbye to another of its platforms. Yes, search engine Google is going to discontinue the basic HTML view of its email service Gmail. The company will discontinue the basic HTML view of Gmail from January 2024. The company has asked all users to switch to the advanced ‘Standard’ view of the email app. Let us tell you that Google has not given any information about this in its blog. In fact, the Google Support article mentions turning off Basic HTML View.

More advanced features will be available in the new Gmail version

Google has been asking its users to switch to the new version for the last several years. Compared to the basic HTML version, the new version has many new features. These include more responsive design, better search and better spam filters. Let us tell you that most of the users are already using Standard View.

If we talk about the HTML version of Gmail, it was launched with benefits like fast loading and Gmail access on slow internet or old devices.


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A Gmail spokesperson told The Register, ‘Gmail Basic HTML views are an older version of Gmail that was replaced with a modern version about 10 years ago. And all the features of full Gmail are not available in it.


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Now all the users who are using the basic HTML version of Gmail will have to switch to the new version before the deadline. After January 2024, Gmail will automatically switch to Standard View.

It is expected that the closure of the basic HTML version will not have much impact on most users. Most of the Gmail users have already switched to the new version. And those who are still using the basic HTML version will get features like Chat, Spell checker, Keyboard shortcut, add and import contacts in the new version. Apart from this, the benefit of Rich Formatting and Custom ‘from’ Addresses feature of Gmail will also be available on the new version. All these features are not available in Gmail Basic HTML Version.


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