Bigg Boss 16: Soundarya was taking bath without locking the bathroom, this contestant opened the door

There has been a bathroom incident in Bigg Boss house with Soundarya Sharma. When the actress was taking a bath, suddenly someone from outside opened her door.

TV’s most popular reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss 16’ has been in headlines since its inception. The show being hosted by Salman Khan is witnessing tremendous uproar every day. One or the other drama continues in the show, due to which the contestants of BB House remain in the headlines. Here enemies become friends and friends turn to enmity.

Whatever happens in the house, Bigg Boss keeps an eye on it. There are more than 100 cameras installed in the Bigg Boss house, which keep an eye on each and every move of the contestants. Now recently such an incident has happened due to which a lot of ruckus has been created. In fact, Shaleen Bhanot has done such a thing that she had to face embarrassment.

what did Shaleen do

In the previous day’s episode, it was shown that Soundarya Sharma had gone to take a bath in the bathroom. He didn’t lock the door from inside. That’s why standing outside, Shaleen Bhanot and Shiv Thackeray are arguing about who will take bath first. He didn’t know that Soundarya was inside and accidentally opened the door. Shaleen has opened the door only a little, then Soundarya stops the door from inside and shouts, can’t you knock?

Had to apologize to Soundarya

It is further shown in the episode that Shaleen gets a bit upset after hearing Soundarya’s voice. He says I didn’t know Soundarya is inside, I didn’t do it intentionally. Shaleen realizes his mistake and immediately apologizes. After this Soundarya asks him whether he saw anything or not? Shaleen replied in the negative and said that he did not do it intentionally. Although Soundarya did not give much weight to this matter and soon ended it.


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Shiv Thackeray pulls up Soundarya

Shiv Thakare is seen having fun with Soundarya for not locking the bathroom door. He tells Soundarya what is the matter with Kundi. Soundarya also just smiled at Shiva’s words. After this, Shiv goes out and narrates the whole incident to Nimrit with a lot of fun.


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