Bigg Boss 16: The real Big Boss came inside the house for the first time, but the contestants completely ignored

Bigg Boss 16: This season of Bigg Boss has been a big hit, fans have liked it so much that the show has been extended for 5 weeks. Now an interesting task is going to happen in the show in which Bigg Boss himself is going to enter the house.

Bigg Boss 16: Bigg Boss season 16 has become a superhit, every week the show manages to make it to the TRP list, and the reason behind this is the interesting tasks given in the show and the contestants performing it well. Now a task is going to happen which is going to trouble the housemates, because this time no one else but Bigg Boss himself is going to enter the house.


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New promo of Bigg Boss is out

The new promo of Bigg Boss is released, in which a task is given to the contestants that some guests will come in the house and the family members have to ignore them, if someone fails to ignore them more than three times, then a basket of ration will disappear. Will go It is shown earlier that two guests come and try to disturb Shaleen Bhanot by eating chicken in front of him.

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Sumbul starts crying after hearing father’s letter.

After that the real fun comes when Bigg Boss himself enters the house. It is shown in the promo that Vikram Singh, who is the voice of Bigg Boss, himself enters the house and starts reading aloud the letters sent by the family members of the housemates. First he reads the letter in front of Tina, she ignores Bigg Boss, but when Bigg Boss goes to Sumbul and reads her father’s letter, she is unable to hold back her tears.


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Fans stunned after seeing Bigg Boss

When people saw Bigg Boss in the house, they started expressing their happiness and surprise in the comment box. One wrote – The one who is reading Sumbul’s letter is Big Boss, while one said that he is Big Boss only. Please tell that Vikram Singh is a voice over artist and has been giving the voice of Bigg Boss for a long time. Vijay has given his voice in many webseries like ‘The Family Man Season 2’, ‘Special Ops 1.5 – The Himmat Story’, ‘777 Charlie’.


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