Bigg Boss fame Gori Nagori was attacked at her sister’s wedding, shared the video and said – brother-in-law is in danger

Gori Nagori: Gori Nagori said that he and his team were attacked by his own brother-in-law. With this, Ghori has threatened his life.

Contestant of Bigg Boss 16 and Shakira aka Gori Nagori of Rajasthan has been fatally attacked at her own sister’s wedding. Ghori has shared this information in a video on her official Instagram handle. He told that his own brother-in-law had got him and his team attacked. Along with this, Ghori also said that his life is in danger, if anything happens to him, his brother-in-law will be responsible for it.

Gori Nagori has shared a video, which is from a wedding. In this, some people are seen kicking and punching as well as attacking with the chair. After this, Ghori herself is seen expressing her pain. He has requested Ashok Gehlot for help.

Gori Nagori shared the video

Ghori wrote along with her video, “Hello friends, I am your Ghori and today what happened to me should not happen to anyone, so I am uploading this video. Friends on 22nd May my sister’s marriage was there as I live in Mert city and I don’t have father and brother. So I have an elder brother-in-law, Javed Hussain, who said that you get married in Kishangarh, I will make all the arrangements. I got married in Kishangarh at his behest and I did not know that this was all his conspiracy. Called Kishangarh and me and my team were attacked very badly by my brother-in-law and his friend brother and when I went to complain, the police did not take my complaint. Said that it is a domestic matter, settle it at home and the policemen kept me sitting for a long time and said take a selfie.

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Ghori further wrote, “I am the only girl in the house and my mother and we are in danger from all these people. If anything happens to my life, me, my mother, my team, then these people will be responsible for it. Whose names I have taken in the video and I will only appeal to the people of Rajasthan to support me. This is what I would like from the Rajasthan government, Sir Ashok Gehlot ji and Sachin Pilot ji, to support me and get justice as soon as possible and whoever is at fault should be punished, my life is in danger, Rajasthan government.


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Users are getting mixed reactions on Gori Nagori’s post. Some people even advised him to change his religion. Whereas some say that wrong happened with Ghori. On the other hand, a user named Naseeb Khan wrote that he knows about this incident and what happened, why he wrote everything in his comment.


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