Bihar Crime News: Woman murdered by cutting off hands, ears and breasts in a crowded market, BJP demands speedy trial in Pirpainti Murder Case

Bihar Crime News: In Pirpainti Police Station area of ​​Bhagalpur district, the main accused of murder of a woman in broad daylight market has been arrested.

Bihar Crime News: Due to the continuous crime and failure of the police in Bhagalpur, Bihar, the BJP, which was once an ally of the Nitish government, has been fiercely targeted. Former Speaker of Bihar Legislative Assembly and current Leader of Opposition Vijay Kumar Sinha has accused Bihar Police of being an ally of criminals. In Pirpainti, he attacked the government for the murder of a woman by stabbing her in a broad daylight market (Pirpainti Murder Case). Describing the Pirpainti murder case as more heinous than the famous Shraddha Walkar murder case in Delhi, he demanded a speedy trial in the case and strict punishment to the accused. Sinha has also besieged the government in the case of the missing and murder of Amit Jha in Sultanganj of Bhagalpur.

Complete case of Pirpainti Murder Case

The main accused in the murder of a woman in broad daylight in the Pirpainti police station area of ​​Bhagalpur district has been arrested. Mohammad Shakeel, the main accused in the Pirpainti murder case, and Mohammad Judin, who helped him, are both brothers. On Saturday, a 42-year-old woman, Neelam Devi, was attacked 16 times with a sharp butcher’s knife in public at Pirpainti market. The attackers had chopped off the woman’s hand, ear and breast. The accused was arrested on Monday.

Police said – murder of woman in case of transaction

According to Bhagalpur SSP, Neelam Devi, wife of Ashok Yadav, a resident of Chhoti Dilauri village under Pirpainti police station, was attacked by her neighbors Shakeel Miyan and Jamim Uddin. The woman died while being taken to Mayaganj Hospital, Bhagalpur for treatment. As soon as the matter came to light, the police formed a team and arrested both the accused. During the investigation, the reason for the money transaction has come to the fore. The assailant was full of hatred and wanted revenge for the delay in repaying the loan taken for the daughter’s marriage. The attackers had also chopped off the limbs of the woman. The woman died due to profuse bleeding.

Woman stabbed 16 times with cockerel knife

The police officer said that one of the attackers, Mohammad Zuddin, was arrested shortly after the incident. The police had also recovered the crime weapon used in the murder. The assailants attacked with a sharp knife used to cut cock. Police have also recovered more weapons from the house of the accused. At the same time, from the place of the incident, the police have also collected slippers and gamchha of one of the attackers, broken bangles of Neelam Devi and blood-soaked soil as evidence. After the post-mortem, the police handed over the dead body of the woman to the family members.

SSP Baburam said that SIT was also formed to investigate the matter and arrest the other accused Shakeel Miyan. The police team arrested the second accused on Monday. Police is interrogating both and claimed to take the matter to court soon. The SSP of Bhagalpur has appealed to the people not to pay heed to rumours.

Police hands empty in Amit Jha Murder Case

Bhagalpur police could not recover the dead body even after 13 days in Amit Murder Case

Murder in Bhagalpur: This massacre of Bihar is failing the police on two fronts, the hope of the victim’s family is broken, the credibility of the administration is falling

The police have so far failed to solve a murder case in Sultanganj police station area of ​​Bhagalpur itself. There is no trace of 40-year-old Amit Kumar Jha, missing since December 22, associated with the business of buying and selling land. The police is saying that his partner Avinash Mandal got him murdered and got the body disposed of. The police is also telling that through whom the dead body was taken to the hideout, but has so far failed to catch him.

Police said – Amit was murdered by giving supari

On the basis of his interrogation, the police had said on November 26 that Amit was murdered in front of Avinash on the evening of November 22 itself. Avinash had returned leaving the hired killer to dispose of the body. Bhagalpur SSP Baburam had said that Amit was killed by giving contract killing of five lakhs to Avinash for the purpose of digesting the money given for the land. However, the police have not been able to recover Amit’s body till now. BJP leader Vijay Kumar Sinha has also summoned the answer from the police in this matter. He has also accused the police of having met the culprits.

Regarding both these incidents, BJP leader Vijay Kumar Sinha has targeted the police and demanded to work honestly. Sinha also met the victim’s family in Sultanganj on Tuesday.

Panic in Bhagalpur due to Pirpainti and Sultanganj incident

In both these cases, the Bhagalpur Police has come under the scanner. Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Vijay Kumar Sinha has also demanded action against those who give protection to criminals from the police. In the Pirpainti murder case, Sinha has also accused the Bihar government of appeasement. An atmosphere of panic is being created in Bhagalpur and its surrounding districts regarding the Pirpainti and Sultanganj cases.


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