Bihar: Girlfriend used to cut off the electricity of the entire village to meet her lover, the villagers caught her and thrashed her

When the video of the boyfriend’s beating went viral on social media, he became enraged and set out to take revenge.

A surprising case has come to light from Bettiah in Bihar. Here a girlfriend used to cut off the electricity of the whole village to meet her lover. One day the villagers caught both of them and thrashed the lover fiercely. Although the girlfriend kept trying to save her boyfriend. On the other hand, when the video of the lover’s beating went viral on social media, he went out to take revenge.

Lover used to cut off village lights

According to the information, the girlfriend used to ask her boyfriend to cut off the electricity from the transformer through which electricity was supplied in the village. The lover used to drop down the AB (air break switch) switch of the transformer, due to which the lights of the entire village were cut off. When the whole village was plunged into darkness, the lover and the beloved met.

When the villagers caught him, he beat him.

Here, due to frequent power cuts, some incidents of theft also started happening in the village. Due to this the people of the village became alert. One day when the lover and girlfriend were meeting after cutting the electricity, then some people of the village caught them. Five-seven people together thrashed the lover fiercely. During this, the girlfriend kept trying to save her lover.


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When the video of the boyfriend’s beating went viral on social media, he became enraged. He then went with his friends to the house of the people who had thrashed him. The lover along with his friends ransacked the house of the youths who had beaten him. After this the villagers informed the police. The police caught some people including the lover and took them to the police station.


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Many people from both sides reached the police station and agreed to get both of them married. The detained youths were released after making bonds. According to the police, the matter was related to a love affair. A settlement has been reached with the consent of both the families. However, now this matter is being discussed a lot.


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