Bihar: Keeping in mind which four things do the voters of Bihar vote? Prashant Kishore made this claim

Bihar politics: Prashant Kishor said that you tell when you are not voting on the road. If you are not voting for the hospital and your child’s education, how will Bihar improve?

Prashant Kishor: Election strategist Prashant Kishor is undertaking a padyatra under the Jan Suraj Yatra. He once again attacked Nitish Kumar in Bihar and told on which four things the people of Bihar vote. He said that people sit for 5 years and discuss the condition of roads, hospitals and corruption in the state and when it is time to vote, they forget these things and give it to caste and religion.

Prashant Kishor told that the people of Bihar vote on these 4 things

He said, “On the day of voting, all the people in Bihar remember only four things, what is caste and which candidate of my caste is standing. Go vote for him. Those who are saved from caste vote in the name of religion, in the name of Hindu-Muslim. In the entire village and countryside, people are making hue and cry that all Hindus should unite, they should not be seen as Muslims, Pakistan has to be taught a lesson. All the men went and voted for the BJP. The one who escaped from caste and religion is saying that brother is so bad what to do? No employment, no roads, no water in the fields, but the crime of Lalu ji, Jungle Raj is not needed. If Lalu ji’s Jungle Raj comes, then crime will increase, so whether it is good or bad, vote for BJP only. Vote for someone, Lalu should not win. You are voting because of the fear of Lalu ji’s Jungle Raj. The fourth category is of our Muslim brothers, these people are saying that they cannot vote for BJP. They are anti-Muslim. If we cannot vote for BJP, then vote for Lalu ji’s lantern only.

If you are not voting for hospital and education, how will Bihar improve? Prashant asked

He said, “We sit and talk about the condition of Bihar for five years. There is so much corruption in Bihar, no education, floods every year, bad roads, no hospitals, we talk about all these problems. But the day the vote takes place. On that day all these things are forgotten.


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Prashant Kishore further said that these are the four things on which the people of Bihar vote. You tell me when you are not voting on the street. If you are not voting for the hospital and your child’s education, how will Bihar improve?

Said this about Nitish Kumar

Prashant Kishor further said, “There are only two parties in Bihar. One Modi ji’s BJP and Lalu ji’s lantern. Nitish Kumar has no faith at all. Sometimes he will hang holding a lantern, sometimes he is swimming holding a lotus. The public is upset.”


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