Bihar’s Jyoti: Forgot her husband as soon as she became a sub-inspector, had completed her studies by selling the farm!

Priyaranjan sold the land to get a job for his wife Jyoti. Took loan from friends and spent Rs 40 lakh. Now that she has become a inspector, she does not want to live with Priyaranjan.

Bareilly’s SDM stood up for the marriage of Jyoti Maurya and Alok Maurya. The dispute is now in the court, but there was a lot of discussion about the relationship between the two from social media to the common people. Now a similar case has also come to the fore from Bihar, where soon after becoming a sub-inspector, the wife decided to leave her husband and child and spend her life with someone else.

The case is of Muzaffarpur in Bihar, husband’s name is Priyaranjan and wife’s name is Jyoti. Both had eloped and married. Both lived in the same locality, fell in love and eloped and got married. After getting married in 2009, both started doing jobs but Jyoti wanted to study further. In such a situation, Priyaranjan got coaching done to prepare for the competition.

Priyaranjan shifted to Patna to get Jyoti coaching. Where both met a person named Someshwar. Someshwar and Jyoti started studying together and started preparing for the exam. After becoming a sub inspector, Jyoti now wants to leave her husband Priyaranjan and live with someone else.


Fearing Jyoti Maurya case, husband stopped studies, video of woman reached police station with complaint goes viral

According to the information, Priyaranjan sold the land to get a job for his wife Jyoti. Took loan from friends and spent Rs 40 lakh. Not only this, the husband also helped wife’s friend Someshwar in his studies by giving money, but after becoming a sub-inspector, Jyoti is talking about leaving her husband and staying with her batchmate, another sub-inspector.


Another case like SDM Jyoti Maurya! Husband’s allegation- wife changed as soon as she got a job, got this answer

According to reports, the husband alleges that now wife Jyoti is threatening to implicate him in a case and kill him. While the wife says that her husband’s family used to harass her, after facing many problems, she has become a inspector. She doesn’t want to be with Priyaranjan anymore.


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