Bikini killer Charles Sobhraj became unbridled after his mother’s marriage, his charming personality confused the police of many countries

He used to take the passport with him after hunting. He used to leave on his identity again to some other place, where he could execute some other incident.

Charles Sobhraj The Bikini killer: Charles Sobhraj, one of the most vicious criminals of the Globe, grew up in an environment from childhood where he was bound to reach the world of Jarayam. His parents lived together. She gave birth to Charles. But both never married.

Charles was shocked when his mother married a French soldier. Charles went with his mother. But from there his steps went astray in such a way that he became such a name in the world of Jarayam whose example is found almost everywhere. His way of carrying out the crime was so clever that the police of the world got confused many times. He went to jail many times but used to work such magic that the police used to send him away.

Used to take the passport with him after hunting

Charles is called the Bikini killer. It is said that the dead bodies of his victim girls were often found in this dress. When the police caught him, he agreed to this. But little is known about why Charles, named in so many murders, did so. One thing is definitely known that he used to take his passport with him after hunting. He used to leave on his identity again to some other place, where he could execute some other incident. Charles’s personality was so charming that anyone used to get into his words.

The Supreme Court of Nepal released him but also ordered that he be handed over to France within 15 days. He is a citizen of France and the police there are looking for him in many cases. Charles is currently 78 years old. The chances of him re-offending are minimal. But seeing his history, even the French police would not let him take a chance. His pastime has been such that no one would believe him. Sobhraj was born in Saigon to an Indian father and a Vietnamese mother. This area was under the occupation of France. He was a teenager at the time of his mother’s marriage. Since then his mind was uprooted and he came into the world of crime. As soon as he regained consciousness, he was introduced to the police and the jail.

Charles didn’t trust anyone

JP Nathani was in-charge of Tihar Jail when Sobhraj was incarcerated in the 1976 murder case. He along with three of his female friends lured some French students in New Delhi and fed them poison. One or two of them survived. When he told the whole story to the police, Charles was overpowered after hard work. He got a sentence of 10 years. Nathani explains that he was a magician of words with an attractive face. He used to make girls his own in the blink of an eye. Madly in love with her, many were even ready to marry her. In some cases marriage registration was also done. But Charles was a man of his own kind. He didn’t trust anyone.


Charles Sobhraj: Charles Sobhraj will come out of Nepal’s jail after 19 years, Supreme Court of Nepal said – Deportation should be done in 15 days

He escaped before completing his sentence in India. When he was caught, he was tried again. In the name of birthday celebration, soldiers were poisoned. However, a story is also told behind his re-capture. He wanted to remain in jail in India. He fled and was caught before the completion of his 10-year sentence. He remained in the jail of India only. Had the sentence been completed, he would have been sent to Thailand. There he was wanted in five murders. He would have got the death penalty anyway. Charles was released from prison in India in 1997. By that time 20 years had passed since the Bangkok incidents. Legally he could no longer be prosecuted. After being released from India, he was sent to France.

In 2003 he went to Nepal. Caught there. He murdered American woman Connie Jo Bronzich there. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. The book Serpentine written on him is a kind of biography. It gives a glimpse of his life. Talking about Sobhraj, it is also known that he was also active in dealing weapons for the Taliban. He has also been related to the American Intelligence Agency.


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