BJP vs JDU: Nitish government is a victim of impotence – Minister Ashwini Choubey said, boil on social media

BJP vs JDU: Furious at Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, Union Minister Ashwini Choubey said that I would like to tell the Chief Minister that Bihar is not going to run with you. Resign from the post and live the life of an ascetic.

Union Minister Ashwini Choubey has attacked Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (Bihar CM Nitish Kumar) and the government on the incidents of crime happening in Bihar. However, in the meantime, he could not even stop calling Nitish Kumar and the government impotent while speaking. He said that the Bihar government and Nitish Kumar have become victims of impotence. This video is going viral on social media and people are questioning the language of the Union Minister.

What did the Union Minister say on Nitish Kumar?

Talking to the media, Union Minister Ashwini Choubey (Ashwini Choubey On Nitish Kumar) said that murders are happening in Bihar for two days and the Bihar government and Nitish Kumar (Bihar Gov. and Nitish Kumar) have become victims of complete impotence. Huh. The government has become insensitive. The Chief Minister should resign. Now Bihar is not going to run with Nitish Kumar. Jungle Raj is back. He said that if this is not Jungle Raj then what is it?

User Feedback

People are giving their reactions on this statement of Ashwini Choubey on social media. @DushyantGUPTAJ1 User wrote that he does not know what kind of language should be used about a person sitting on a constitutional post? They feel bad when someone else speaks to their Prime Minister and leaders. @RajeshK97203403 The user wrote that it is beyond my understanding that why do you speak when you do not know how to speak? At least you should take care of your white hair.

@DeepakJ84071374 Ashwin ji can’t be a decent person. Such indecent language for the Chief Minister is an insult to the people of Bihar. @AshokPa64142998 The user wrote that it is not an insult to Nitish, it is an abuse to the entire Bahujan Samaj. You will get the answer to this by pressing the button in 2024 that who is impotent. The public will answer. This much intoxication of power does not suit. One user wrote that this language is very shameful of the Union Minister. Had any leader of the opposition used such language, the land and sky would have become one.


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Please inform that Ashwini Choubey was attacking the Bihar government regarding the incidents of increasing crime in Bihar. He said, “Crime incidents are continuously increasing in Bihar, but the Chief Minister is doing nothing. Again the incidents of Jungle Raj Return are being repeated in Bihar. Meanwhile, he said that the Bihar government and the Chief Minister have become victims of impotence. I am saying this because murders are happening here since two days, but the government is completely insensitive.


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