BJP wants political entry in Tamil Nadu from new Parliament House, emotional card with ‘culture’ not Hindutva will become game changer

In the politics of Tamil Nadu, the pulses of BJP have not been lost for the last several decades. To melt the same pulse, now more emphasis is being laid on culture than Hindutva.

The country has got the temple of democracy in a new form. The new Parliament House has been inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now to say that the Parliament House is located in the capital Delhi, but its impact is going to be felt till Tamil Nadu, which is 2500 kilometers away from here. To say that only one sengol has been brought from this southern state for the new parliament building, but if understood from political point of view, it is a new door of opportunity for the country’s largest party BJP, the door which remained closed for the last several decades. It is where, despite all the political gimmicks, the pulses have not yet melted.

How will BJP’s Tamil Nadu gate open?

Now Tamil Nadu is politically very important for BJP. In the last few times, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done many such programs which have a direct connection with Tamil Nadu. On Saturday itself, when the PM went to the state to take Sengol, the statements he made were enough to tell that the BJP wants to turn the political tide in its favor. PM Modi said in front of the subordinate saints that Sengol was not given proper respect till now. It was used as a walking stick and was put on display. Whereas in reality it was Sengol who freed us from every symbol of slavery. We have now brought this Sengol out of Anand Bhawan. In the address, PM Modi also expressed grief over the fact that the importance of Tamil people was not understood in independence.


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What is going on in PM Modi’s mind?

Now this statement of PM can be seen in two ways. The first point of view is that Sengol, which was forgotten by the people of the country, or can be said, did not mention much, PM Modi through one of his statements explained its importance and also linked it to Tamil Nadu. That is, the important participation of this southern state has been shown in the new Parliament House. Similarly, when the PM said that the Tamil people played an important role in the independence, here also an attempt was made to create an emotional connection. The thing to understand is that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has mentioned the culture of Tamil Nadu many times in the last few months. Whether it is the program of Mann Ki Baat or any other program of the government, the PM definitely mentions Tamil culture.

Culture will be heavy on Hindutva!

The biggest example of this was seen when PM Modi inaugurated ‘Kashi Tamil Sangamam’ in Varanasi last year. His aim was to understand the ancient relationship between Kashi and Tamil Nadu and to inform the younger generation about the culture of both. The great thing is that the jewel of Varanasi and Tamil Nadu has been related since the tenth century. There are many Kashi Vishwanath and Vishalakshi temples in Tamil Nadu. In this program, PM Modi had said that if on one hand Kashi is the cultural capital of the country, then on the other hand Tamil Nadu has been the center of the country’s antiquity and pride. This relation is as holy as the confluence of Ganga-Yamuna. In that program, the PM had also called the Tamil language a ‘great heritage’.


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What kind of politics in Tamil Nadu, why BJP failed?

Now, on one hand, BJP gives importance to English language everywhere, has also given rise to controversies like curd in Tamil Nadu, but PM Modi, the biggest face of BJP, is being shown as ‘neutral’. The history of Tamil language and its beauty have been mentioned from his side in many forums. That is, the PM is constantly giving a message to Tamil Nadu that he likes their language as well and has full respect for their culture. This thing matters because the opposition parties work to keep the BJP in a limited circle by calling it a ‘English belt’ party, due to which the BJP has not been able to make a strong inroads in other southern states except Karnataka.

But now BJP wants to rebrand its image in Tamil Nadu by remembering the great poets of Tamil through ‘Kashi Tamil Sangamam’ program through Sengol of the new Parliament House. This rebranding is because the party has not been able to shine its politics in Tamil Nadu due to various reasons. One reason for this is that the party does not have any big local leader. When other regional parties can put forward not one but many leaders on their fingers, BJP does not see any other leader other than PM Modi. Similarly, the way Tamil Nadu has associated itself with the Dravidian ideology, the BJP’s Hindutva narrative has always been weak.

How strong will BJP be able to get on 39 seats?

In such a situation, BJP has now moved beyond Hindutva in Tamil Nadu towards culture and emotional cards. What polarizing issues could not do, it will be an attempt to complete with the help of history and ancient culture. Tamil Nadu produces 39 Lok Sabha seats, BJP is silent here at present, but now that veteran leaders like Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi have passed away, a political vacuum has been created. BJP wants to use this vacuum. In this episode, the party is now making culture its new weapon. With the people of Tamil Nadu feeling more connected to language and culture than religion, the BJP is confident that Sengol, the new parliament building, and PM Modi’s programs to promote Tamil culture will change the political landscape for the party in the state. .

At this point of time, after the humiliating defeat in Karnataka, the BJP has been completely wiped out from the South. He is not in the government in any state. The party now wants to make up for this in the Lok Sabha elections. It knows that more than 100 seats come from the southern states alone, so if the performance is weak elsewhere, it will be compensated from these states only.


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