Bloody Daddy Release Date: Know why Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Bloody Daddy’ is not releasing in theatres? The filmmaker himself told the reason

Bloody Daddy Release Date: Many people questioned the OTT release of Shahid Kapoor’s film. Now the filmmaker has given the reason for this.

Shahid Kapoor’s film ‘Bloody Daddy’ is going to release soon on Jio Cinema. After IPL, a large number of viewers are watching Jio Cinema, in such a situation, releasing this film on this OTT platform can prove to be a good decision of the makers. Earlier, after Kacchey Limbu and Randeep Hooda-starrer web show Inspector Avinash, Blood Daddy is also ready to make a splash on this platform. Ali Abbas’s film is the English remake of the French film ‘Sleepless Night’ (2011).

Questions are arising in the minds of many people about the film as to why it is being released on OTT instead of theatres. Shahid and Ali Abbas talked about it at the trailer launch of the film. The filmmaker said that every film has its own cinematic language, and a digital platform was needed to tell the story of ‘Bloody Daddy’ in the right way.

Ali said, “Content is on the rise and in the last three years, we all have seen how audience preferences have changed. Also, when you create content for OTT, it is a big responsibility to mount it internationally on a large scale as people from all over the world are watching it.”

“We didn’t want to tinker with it to make it theatrical, and thus we decided to release it direct-to-digital,” Ali said.


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Let us tell you that Shahid Kapoor had created a ruckus on OTT even before this. His web series ‘Farzi’ released on OTT and the audience liked the series very much. In this, Shahid has been shown as an artist who starts ruling the entire city by making notes through fraud. Now Shahid’s character in Bloody Daddy is looking very interesting. He is seen in full action mode.


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Actor raised questions on OTT release

Even though Shahid’s film may rule OTT but Kamal R. Khan aka KRK has said a big thing about Shahid Kapoor’s career.

KRK tweeted about Shahid Kapoor on Twitter, in which he wrote, “Shahid Kapoor’s new film ‘Bloody Daddy’ is going to be streamed for free on Jio Cinema. Then why would people buy tickets to watch any of his movies in theatres. So I think Shahid’s career is completely over. His next film will not even get an opening of 1 crore in the theatre.


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