Boris Becker: I came to know what hunger is in jail, 3-time Wimbledon champion wept remembering 231 days spent in jail

Boris Becker Recounts Horror Experience Of 231 Days In Jail: According to Boris Becker, the nights of Wandsworth Jail were horrifying. Two inmates had threatened to kill him on separate occasions.

Boris Becker’s Jail Experience: Tennis legend Boris Becker broke down as he recalled the eight months (231 days) he spent in Britain’s infamous Wandsworth prison for bankruptcy offenses. Boris Becker was kept in a separate cell in the prison, where he felt lonely. Six-time Grand Slam champion Boris Becker was missing his family and friends. Tennis legend Boris Becker, a six-time Grand Slam winner, shared his harrowing experience of his 231 days in prison in an interview to German broadcaster SAT.1.

Never felt so alone: ​​Boris Becker

Boris Becker said, ‘I have never felt so alone in my life.’ Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker was sentenced in April to 30 months in prison for illegally transferring large sums of money and concealing assets despite being declared bankrupt. Boris Becker needed to serve at least half his sentence to be eligible for parole, but was released early under the fast-track deportation program for foreign nationals.

Only rice, potato and sauce were available for food.

Boris Becker was deported to his country Germany on 15 December. The star player said he used to pray daily and feared attacks from other inmates. The jail authorities had kept him in a separate cell for his safety. Boris Becker first learned what hunger was while in prison. In jail, he often got only Rice, Potato and Sauce. This 55-year-old player said, ‘I realized what hunger is for the first time in my life in jail.’

Friends celebrated birthday in jail

while in prison boris baker (Boris Becker) also became some friends. Those friends of Baker also celebrated his birthday in November by ordering a chocolate cake. Boris Becker said, ‘I had never experienced such solidarity even in the free world.’ Boris Becker told in an interview with Bild that it was his ‘blood brothers’ who helped him get out of prison.

The prisoners who threatened to kill, became friends

boris baker Said that the nights he spent in Wandsworth Prison had become appalling. Two inmates in particular, John and Ike, had threatened to kill him on separate occasions. However, the next day Ike begged me to forgive him. John also met me in the laundry. He begged me for forgiveness. I raised her to my feet and hugged her. I told him that I have great respect for him.


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This great tennis player (Tennis Star) said that he will be in touch with the people who saved his life. Boris Becker said, ‘When you have fought for existence together, it brings you together. We needed each other.


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