BYJUS employee clashed with boss over money and work, video going viral

A video is going viral on social media, in which a female employee is seen arguing for not getting incentive and due to high work pressure.

A purported video from EduTech platform BYJU’s institute is going viral on social media, in which a female employee is seen arguing over lack of incentives and high work pressure. After this video surfaced, people are giving different reactions on social media. Although BYJU’s has kept silence on this.

BYJU’s video going viral

In the video going viral, a female employee is complaining that she has not received any incentive for a year and she is upset due to work pressure. Two of his senior employees, standing nearby, ask the woman to walk into the cabin and have a quiet conversation. Although the female employee says that she will now talk from where she is standing and talking.

Girl missing since the incident?

By sharing the video, it has also been told that the girl is missing since this debate. However, we have not received any information regarding the veracity of this video and the disappearance of the girl. After this video went viral on social media, different reactions of people are coming out.


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One Twitter user wrote, “When a company doesn’t treat you well, mail higher authorities with proofs and demand a solution within a limited time frame and still if no one responds, walk away, you are wasting your energy.” @dhawalkumarjai2 User wrote that no one listens to anyone without speaking.

Another wrote, “Similar situation is everywhere. What to do if someone does? Another Twitter user wrote, “If this is true then it is really sad that an organization like BYJU’S which provides education to students really needs to educate itself.” @karthikbugude wrote, “I have worked with BYJU’S in the past and recognize the person in the video. I can confirm that the situation here is really bad. I feel sorry for that girl. She’s frustrated and nervous but glad she spoke up!”


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This video is going viral on social media and people are giving all kinds of reactions to BYJU’S video. Some people are saying that nowadays almost all the companies are in the same situation, then some people are saying that if you do not like it then you leave the company. Problems increase by fighting, they do not reduce.


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