Can live without husband but not without mobile

The wife used to stick to the mobile all day long. The husband tried to explain a lot but she did not agree.

If someone asks you what you want between partner or phone, what will you answer? Maybe you will choose your partner, but this new bride from Hajipur, Bihar has chosen mobile, not husband. Yes we are right. In fact, the young bride was so much in love with the mobile that she left her husband after 15 days of marriage and went to her maternal home.

The in-laws did not like the fact that the daughter-in-law was glued to the mobile all day long. The husband tried to explain a lot but she did not agree. She was present on Instagram, Facebook throughout the day. The in-laws got upset with her using the phone. He opposed this. An argument broke out between the in-laws and the daughter-in-law regarding this. The daughter-in-law called her maternal home. The parents came to her in-laws house. The bride’s brother pointed a gun at his brother-in-law, then the ruckus increased so much that the matter reached the police station.

In fact, about 14 days ago, Iliyas, who lives in Lalganj, was married with great fanfare to Saba Khatoon, a resident of Hajipur. The bride was sent off after the procession. She reached her in-laws house. Till now everything was fine. Matters worsened when Saba started having mobile in her hand all the time. Sana sa Sauhar Ilyas forbids him to use mobile all the time. The in-laws also explained to her that she should not be on the phone all the time. Whereas Saba would be active on social media all the time. She used Facebook, Instagram so much that she could not concentrate even at home. The family members got fed up with this habit of his. After this, Ilyas started interrupting him for using the mobile.


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About 14 days ago, Iliyas, who lives in Lalganj police station area of ​​Hajipur, was married to Saba Khatoon, a resident of Hajipur. The marriage took place with great pomp. After coming to her in-laws house, Saba always had her mobile phone in her hand. Husband Ilyas and his family were fed up with this habit of Saba. From morning till evening, Saba would always be active on social media. Seeing Saba always active on Instagram to FB and other social media platforms, for not paying attention at home, husband Ilyas started teasing her about her mobile.

Saba’s parents reached her in-laws house

The rest of Saba’s in-laws also started teasing her about using the phone. After this, Saba called her maternal home and told the whole thing crying. Saba’s mother did not like her daughter’s crying. After this, Saba’s mother, her brother and other family members reached her in-laws’ house. After this, debate started on both the sides regarding Sabah. Saba started crying. After this his brother pointed a gun at his brother-in-law. Meanwhile, someone called the police station. The police reached the spot and arrested Saba’s brother. The police heard the story of both the sides. Explained to them but Saba chose mobile leaving her husband. She left her husband and went to her maternal home with her mobile.


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