Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is left alone due to lack of domestic popularity and attitude of allies!

Is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau left alone after alleging India’s involvement in the murder of terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar? Aren’t their Five Eyes allies and NATO alliance member countries directly supporting Canada? Has Trudeau made this allegation to handle his falling popularity in Canada? Although America, Britain and Australia have definitely given statements after this allegation, but a red line was drawn in them that India should cooperate with Canada in the investigation. But these countries are not openly visible with Canada.

Western countries want to keep pace with India

When journalists asked Trudeau at a press conference at the United Nations, where are Canada’s allies? A journalist also told Justin that it seems that you are lonely? In the view of some experts, Western allies have largely left Trudeau to his own devices as they try to keep pace with India, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and with a population 35 times larger than Canada’s. Want to walk.

America did not express displeasure on behalf of Canada

Britain’s Foreign Secretary James Cleverley said his country takes what Canada is saying very seriously. In almost identical language, Australia said it was deeply concerned by the allegations. But perhaps the most shocking silence came from Canada’s southern neighbor, the United States. The two countries are close allies, but the US did not express displeasure on Canada’s behalf.

Canada’s problem is minor compared to India’s strategic importance.

US President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan later denied that there is any distance between the US and Canada. He said Canada is being closely consulted. But other public statements were very tepid, indicating India’s importance to the Western world. The problem for Canada, experts say, is that its interests currently pale in comparison to India’s broader strategic importance.


Justin Trudeau bowed before India’s diplomacy, ordered to remove anti-India posters after showing strong attitude

The US, the UK and all these Western and Indo-Pacific allies have created a strategy that primarily focuses on India. The main motive behind this is to counter China. Javier Delgado, a researcher at the Wilson Centre’s Canada Institute, told the BBC that this is something that these Western countries cannot afford to risk. The reality is that he did not openly support Canada. This is an indication of the current geopolitical reality. Speaking to Canadian network CTV, US Ambassador to Canada David Cohen confirmed reports that Five Eyes partners had shared intelligence on the matter. But these allies rejected Canada’s appeal to publicly condemn the killing.


Canada once returned a ship full of Sikhs to India, 22 people were killed, know the history of Sikhs settling on foreign soil.

Yet, the relative silence may also be indicative of Canada’s shortcomings on the world stage. Canada is a reliable Western ally, but not a global power in its own right. “This is a moment of weakness,” said Christopher Sands, director of the Canada Institute. He says that at present we are witnessing a moment of weak power. This is not the environment where Canada shines. The decisive thing is power and money, which Canada does not have.


India-Canada Row: Students of Punjab spend 68 thousand crores every year to study in Canada, know what will happen now

As Canadians grappled with inflation and high interest rates, news broke of alleged Chinese interference in Canadian elections. Regarding this, critics said that Trudeau and his cabinet failed to take cognizance of this. The news that Canada’s most notorious murderer Paul Bernardo was being transferred to a medium-security prison also sparked outrage across the country. By September Trudeau’s approval rating fell to a three-year low. 63 per cent of Canadians disapprove of their prime minister, who was elected in 2015.

Campbell Clark, chief political writer for the Globe and Mail newspaper, said Trudeau is a figure unlike anything we have seen before in Canadian politics. His popularity increased after winning the elections. But after eight years of being a highly publicized prime minister, Canadians seem to be fed up with him. It appears Trudeau’s star power has waned, Clark said, especially in recent months.


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