Caste stir in Rajasthan after Raju Thehat Murder, Jat leaders came out against the Congress government, Anandpal’s supporters were overwhelming for BJP

Raju Thehat Murder Case: At the age of 40, Raju Thehat, accused of more than 30 criminal cases, has been murdered.

A gangster named Raju Theth was shot dead on Saturday in Sikar district of Rajasthan. It was the end of one of the two central characters of a gang war. A war that has been raging over the land of Shekhawati since the mid-2000s involves politics, caste and many incidents. Five years after notorious gangster Anandpal Singh was killed in an encounter with police in Churu district in 2017, Raju Theth, an accused in over 30 criminal cases, has been killed at the age of 40. Both were seen against each other.

Anandpal and Raju Raju Thehat

Hailed from the small world of crime, Anandpal and Raju Thehat ran a large-scale racket of bootlegging and extortion. His name gradually started being recognized in Shekhawati. Their reach was from like Sikar, Jhunjhunu and Churu to Nagaur district. Anandpal’s caste was Rajput, Raju came from Thehat caste. Both held command among their communities. Many youth regarded him as a Robin Hood-like figure. The heavily embellished myth around them was that they were both good people forced to commit crimes by injustice in a corrupt system.

It was also believed that both enjoyed political patronage in a state where caste and community ties were deep. While the parties have always been denying it.

political reaction

Mukesh Bhakar, MLA and Congress leader from Ladnun, Rajasthan, who is considered close to Sachin Pilot. He goes by caste. Condemning the incident, he called it the failure of the administration. He said that if he was guilty, it would be decided by the legal and judicial system. This is a complete failure of the police and intelligence machinery and a slap on the law and order situation in Sikar. On the other hand, Hanuman Beniwal, the founder MP of Rashtriya Loktantrik Party, whose support base is mainly Jat. He also staged a dharna in Sikar. Many demands including SIT investigation and compensation were placed by the government.

Raju Thehat was prepared to contest elections in 2023

The Facebook page in the name of Raju Thehat has around 60,000 followers. In which the gangster’s post in many social programs, cutting the ribbon in the programs is recorded. In these posts, his center was Dataramgarh assembly focus.


Rajasthan Gangwar: Murder of don Raju Thehat in Sikar in broad daylight, CCTV footage of gang war goes viral, Lawrence Vishnoi Group takes responsibility

Sources reveal that Raju Thehat was planning to contest the 2023 assembly elections from this seat. After the death of Anandpal in the encounter, the BJP government of Rajasthan had seen the anger of the Rajput community, similarly after the murder of Raju Thehat, the Jat community seems to be mobilizing against the Congress.


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