Chanda Khan had come to India without visa before Seema Haider, had told Shahrukh and Salman the reason

Seema Haider: The Samjhauta Express in which Chanda came to India was the first train to come from Pakistan after the attack in Gurdaspur.

Kamaldeep Singh Brar

Seema Haider: Pakistani woman Seema Haider is currently in media headlines. Seema has reportedly crossed the border to India to be with her boyfriend Sachin Meena. Seema Haider has four children. She has brought him too. Seema has entered India illegally through Nepal. Seema, 27, was arrested by the Gautam Budh Nagar police on July 4 on charges of illegally entering India, but was later released on bail. Many questions are being raised regarding Seema Haider and UP ATS is probing the entire matter.

Chanda Khan came to India in 2015

However, this is not the first time that a Pakistani woman has managed to enter India illegally. In 2015, Pakistani woman Chanda Khan came to India on the most-screened Samjhauta Express. In India he had traveled more than 100 kms. Chanda Khan alias Fauzia had crossed the Attari border by Samjhauta Express. He had traveled till Jalandhar in Punjab without any ticket or passport before being arrested.

According to security agencies, after her arrest, Chanda Khan claimed that she had come to India to visit ‘dargahs’ and meet actors Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. Chanda Khan was proficient in speaking Punjabi, Urdu and English. She used to claim herself to be from Karachi. Chanda Khan had told her age at that time as 27 years. She boarded the train on 30 July 2015 from Wagah station in Pakistan. He had a bag containing medicines and some Pakistani currency, but no passport or visa.

Chanda came in the first Samjhauta Express after the Gurdaspur attack

Let us tell you that the Samjhauta Express in which Chanda came to India was the first train to come from Pakistan after the attack in Gurdaspur. On July 27, 2015, there was a terrorist attack on the Dinanagar police station in Gurdaspur district of Punjab. Four civilians and three policemen were killed in the attack. Three terrorists were also killed in the encounter. This terrorist attack created tension between India and Pakistan.


Seema Sachin: Seema Haider revealed that Sachin was about to go to Pakistan, because of this he refused, ATS is inquiring

Chanda Khan reached Attari by boarding the Samjhauta Express. Here all the passengers have to go through customs and immigration clearance before going towards Delhi. However, Chanda Khan somehow managed to skip all the formalities and continue her journey in the train. She came under scrutiny only when the train reached Jalandhar. The authorities never explained how she managed to leave the check at Attari station.

Train was stopped at Jalandhar

When Chanda Khan could not produce ticket, passport or any other relevant documents, she was dropped at Jalandhar station at around 10 pm. The Railway Protection Force had sought a special stoppage from Ferozepur Division to drop him at Jalandhar, from where he was arrested by the Railway Police. Be informed, Samjhauta Express had no stop at Jalandhar.

Soon after her arrest, the Pakistan High Commission contacted the Ministry of External Affairs to seek information about Chanda Khan. In the absence of a separate barrack for women in custody, Chanda Khan was kept in a wireless room at the Amritsar Railway Station during her police remand. After the completion of the investigation, Chanda Khan was sentenced to two years imprisonment. He was sent back to Pakistan in 2018 after completing his sentence.

Navjot Kaur Chabba, human rights activist and lawyer, who handles Pakistani prisoners’ cases in Amritsar. He told that Chanda was sentenced. After completion of the sentence, he was deported back to Pakistan in 2018 through the Attari-Wagah road link.


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