Charles Sobhraj: Charles Sobhraj will come out of Nepal’s jail after 19 years, Supreme Court of Nepal said – Deportation should be done in 15 days

Charles Sobhraj: French serial killer Charles Sobhraj has been ordered to be released on the basis of his age after spending 19 years in jail.

Charles Sobhraj Release: The Supreme Court of Nepal has ordered the release of French serial killer Charles Sobhraj on the basis of his age after spending 19 years in jail. News agency ANI reported that Charles has been in jail in Nepal since 2003 on charges of killing two American tourists. Charles Sobhraj, one of the world’s biggest vicious people, is about to be released from jail after 19 years. The court says that Charles should be sent out of the country within 15 days of his release.

Known in the world of crime as ‘Bikini Killer’ and ‘Serial Killer’

Born to an Indian father and a Vietnamese mother, Sobhraj was a French citizen. Sobhraj was accused of using a fake passport to enter Nepal in 1975 and killing two tourists – American national Connie Jo Boronzich and his girlfriend Canadian Laurent Carrier. Famous by name. Sobhraj is accused of killing more than 20 people in India, Turkey, Iran, Thailand countries.


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In 1975, a couple was imprisoned in the murder case.

On September 1, 2003, a newspaper published Sobhraj’s photo, later Sobhraj was seen outside a casino. After Sobhraj’s arrest, the police registered two separate cases of murder against him for the murder of a couple in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur in 1975. He was imprisoned in Kathmandu’s Central Jail for 21 years, serving a 20-year sentence for the murder of an American national, and a year and a fine of ₹2,000 for using a fake passport.


India’s ‘Charles Sobhraj’: Fraud sitting on the judge’s chair giving verdict, story of a thug who stole 1000 cars and had LLB

Sobhraj became fake station master

It is said that between 1968 and 1974, he became station master on the basis of fake documents and worked for several days. Police had told that during this time he also started making fake driving license and fake registration paper. For almost 6 decades, Dhani Ram Mittal went to jail many times and came out. He has stolen more than 1000 cars in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Chandigarh and Punjab. It is said that this swindler has mastered the art of changing the form and by changing the form, he cheated people many times.

Mahathag obtained LLB degree

It is said that Dhani Ram Mittal had obtained LLB degree while doing theft and forgery. He also had a degree in handwriting expert and graphology. It is said that at the age of 25, he entered the world of crime and then in the year 1964, he was also arrested for the first time.

assumed the chair as a fake judge

It is said that on the basis of fake documents, he had sent the Additional Sessions Judge of Jhajjar Court on leave for about two months. After that, he himself became a fake judge and sat on his chair. It is said that in these 40 days he granted bail to a total of 2 thousand seven hundred and forty people, including many criminals. It is said that after getting LLB degree, he used to help his friends legally.


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