Chirag Paswan is about to reconcile with uncle Pashupati Paras? Told the complete plan of 2024 elections

Chirag Paswan bluntly said that there is no question of reconciliation with uncle Pashupati Paras.

Just after the meeting of opposition unity in Bihar, the manner in which Nitish Kumar held a one-on-one meeting with senior leaders of his party, it is being speculated that JDU may once again return to the NDA. Although Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas) leader Chirag Paswan considers it a political stunt of Nitish. Chirag says Nitish Kumar is trying hard to keep himself relevant. They have taken U-turns so many times that if they take one more U-turn then it will not be surprising.

Nitish is jealous of PM Modi…

In a conversation with The Indian Express, Chirag Paswan says that Nitish Kumar’s ambition is fueled by the jealousy of PM Narendra Modi. Only and only because of jealousy of the Prime Minister, they are beating hands and feet to enter national politics. They think that if the 3-time Chief Minister of Gujarat can become the Prime Minister then why not me? But this is just a dream. He had earlier walked out of the NDA in 2013 due to jealousy with Narendra Modi. Then when Lalu Yadav showed him the mirror, he returned to the NDA. Now once again out of jealousy took a U turn.

BJP will have to decide Nitish or other allies

On asking whether Nitish Kumar can take another U-turn? Chirag Paswan says that looking at the kind of political background he has, it seems that he will take uturn many times, not just one. But the correct answer to this question is that BJP has closed its doors for him forever. Home Minister Amit Shah himself has repeated this several times. But it has to be seen whether those who have left him, including myself… can work with him again. The BJP will have to decide whether it is ready to give up three-four potential allies for an alliance with Nitish.


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There is no question of reconciliation with uncle.

Chirag Paswan said that talks are on for an alliance with the BJP and the picture will be clear soon. On asking whether there is any possibility of reconciliation with uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras? So he says that there is no question of reconciliation with uncle, nor is there any question of party merger. In such cases the elders decide. My uncle has taken the decision. He recently said that it is not possible to reconcile with me. Many MPs of his party (Pashupati Paras’s LJP) are in touch with us and want to contest elections from our party in 2024.

Reena Paswan can fight from Hajipur

Will his wife Reena Paswan contest from Ram Vilas Paswan’s bastion Hajipur in 2024? On this question, Chirag says that I would like my mother to fight from Hajipur. In the year 2019, my father wanted my mother to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Hajipur, but then she refused. This time I will try to persuade my mother to contest the Lok Sabha elections next year. I want to make one thing clear that Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas) will fight from Hajipur at any cost because my father had shed his blood and sweat here. Can’t leave Hajipur so easily.


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