CJI told how the friendship deepened, Justice Shah’s eyes filled with tears, started humming Raj Kapoor’s film song…

May 15 is Justice MR Shah’s last day in the Supreme Court. He started law in the year 1982. Aaj Tak has not forgotten an anecdote from the early years of his career.

Supreme Court Justice MR Shah is retiring on 15 May. On Monday, when the proceedings of the ceremonial bench started in honor of Justice Shah, his eyes were filled with tears. Justice Shah said that I am not a person to retire. Humming Raj Kapoor’s song, ‘Kal Khel Mein Hum Ho Na Ho, Gardish Mein Taare Rahenge Sada…’, he said that he will start a new innings soon. During this, Chief Justice DY Chandrachud said that he has known Justice Shah since when he was the ASG. After joining the Supreme Court, our friendship deepened.

CJI DY Chandrachud (CJI DY Chandrachud) said that during the Corona period we used to sit in our chamber. If I would send a judgment to him (Justice Shah), he would come back with a note the same day, late at night. Justice Shah has a deep understanding of the District Judiciary. Always supported the decisions of the collegium.

Who is Justice MR Shah?

Justice Shah, who studied LLB from Gujarat University, enrolled as an advocate on July 19, 1982. On March 8, 2004, he was appointed as an additional judge in the Gujarat High Court. Then on June 22, 2005, he was appointed as a permanent judge in the Gujarat High Court. On 12 August 2018, Justice Shah was transferred to the Patna High Court and became the Chief Justice. From there he was appointed to the Supreme Court on 2 November 2018.

I haven’t forgotten that one incident till today

Justice MR Shah says in an interview that in the early years of my career, an incident happened in my life which changed my thinking. Since then I have never practiced for money. In an interview given to Bar & Bench, Justice Shah says that in the initial years of my career, I also wanted to earn money. In those days, a case related to bail came to me. The matter had already been taken up twice in the High Court. When the case came to me, luckily I got bail the very next day. At that time I had fixed the fee of Rs.2500. Rs 500 advance was received and Rs 2000 was outstanding.

took bail but the client did not come

Justice Shah says that on the same day I took bail, I wrote a letter to the client that you have got bail. Bring the outstanding money and take the copy of the surety. 15-20 days passed but no one came even though the order for Bell was ready. After about 20 days, a person came from his house. I became enraged on seeing this and shouted that what are we sitting here doing? You have got bail…your family member is in jail. He apologized so I said ok… have you brought the outstanding money? He said – Sorry sir, did not bring the money. I said – what?


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When money was not received, he became enraged

Justice Shah says that I got a little angry. I told you to go. When you bring the money, I will give you the copy of the bail order. After this no one came again for the next one month. I wrote the letter again. After a few days the client came. Had brought money this time. I asked him why did you take so long? Why didn’t you come earlier? So he replied that sir, we did not have money. Had to sell jewelry, then money was made.

wept after listening to the client

Justice Shah says that on hearing this, tears started coming out of my eyes. I thought what have I done… his family member is in jail and I stuck to the money. After this I told him that you should go immediately, return the money to the person where the jewelery was pledged and get rid of your jewellery. Bring his receipt, I will give you the copy of the bail immediately. The next day I gave the copy of the bail, but I have not forgotten the lesson I got from it till date.


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Used to give money for rent and food to the client

Justice Shah says that in the early years of my career, I have practiced in tribal areas like Panchmahal and Dahod. At that time the income of the people there was not much. I used to sit in my chamber around 8:30 in the morning. People used to come to me from the tribal areas at 6:30 in the morning. I used to ask him, did you have tea and breakfast? He used to give money even to go back home.

He was so innocent that he used to say, ‘Sir, you have given money for travel, if you had given some more money, you would have been able to eat on the way. I used to give 50 rupees for food also. But at the end of the year, when their crop was ready, they did not forget to bring it for me.


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