CM Pushkar Dhami met Amit Shah at midnight, a big decision is going to be taken soon regarding the implementation of UCC in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami had promised the people during the assembly elections that Uniform Civil Code would be implemented in the state. For this a committee was also formed after the election.

Uniform Civil Code: Preparations have intensified regarding the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). The central government can present a bill regarding this in the Parliament in the monsoon session. On the other hand, Uttarakhand can become the first state in the country to implement UCC. The draft of UCC has been prepared in Uttarakhand. Now, to implement it soon, the Dhami government of Uttarakhand has intensified the exercise. Late night CM Pushkar Singh Dhami met Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi. According to the information, UCC was discussed in the meeting. Sources also say that Justice Ranjana Desai, chairperson of the drafting committee, was also present in this meeting.

What is special about the draft?

Sources say that issues ranging from marriage to divorce and child adoption to live-in have been included in this draft. According to sources, according to this draft, registration of marriage will be mandatory, halala and iddat will be banned and it will be necessary to give details of live-in relationship. Not only this, things regarding population control have also been included in this draft.

In Uttarakhand, it may now be necessary to give a declaration to live in a live-in. This information will also be given to the parents. Apart from this, the age limit of girls for marriage will also be increased. Registration of marriage will be made necessary in any situation. If the couple has not registered, then they will not get the benefit of government schemes. Apart from this, polygamy or polygamy will be banned. Not only this, Halala and Iddat have also been included in this draft. This has been banned in the draft.


‘UCC should be implemented in the whole country, Halala is not mentioned in Quran’, Arif Mohammad Khan said – Illicit relationship is not allowed in Islam

More than 2.31 lakh suggestions were received

Justice Desai said that the draft regarding the Uniform Civil Code is ready. It will be sent for printing. After which this draft will be handed over to the government. He informed that more than 143 meetings have been held for the draft. Not only this, suggestions were also sought from people of every caste, tribe and religion. These suggestions have been incorporated in the draft. Retired Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai said that since the formation of the Draft Committee, more than 2.31 lakh suggestions were received on the matter. More than 20 thousand people were interacted orally. The committee also constituted a sub-committee which held several meetings to look into every aspect of the UCC. The Draft Committee held several meetings from the border village Mana to Delhi.


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