Colombia plane crash: Four innocent siblings survived in the Amazon jungle, missing in the accident 40 days ago

On May 18, the President tweeted that the children had been found. He then deleted the post saying that he was misinformed by a government agency.

Four children who went missing after a plane crash in Colombia 40 days ago have been found safe in the Amazon jungle. President Gustavo Petro gave this information on Saturday. Speaking to reporters after returning to Bogota from Cuba, Petro said a massive search operation was underway to find the missing children. He said that the rescuers managed to find the children after 40 days of hard work and now these children are under medical supervision.

Four missing children found after 40 days in Amazon jungle

The President said, “The survival of these children for 40 days in such extreme conditions is nothing less than a miracle, their story will be recorded in the pages of history.” These four children were aboard the Cessna aircraft that crashed on May 1, 2023 due to engine failure. After the accident, the aircraft lost radar contact and the government launched a massive search operation to rescue the passengers. During the search operation, rescuers found the bodies of the pilot and two other adults on board the plane in the woods.

Ropes had to be used to pull the children

The Air Force pulled the children up on a helicopter. Ropes had to be used to pull them as it could not descend into the dense forest where the children were found. No details were released about the four siblings, ages 13, 9, 4 and 11. These lost children managed to survive on their own for so long in the dense jungle.

Colombian plane crashed on May 1

In fact, on May 1, a Cessna 206 aircraft with 7 passengers crashed in the Colombian airspace and fell in the Amazon forests. 3 people including the pilot were killed in the accident. There were four children missing. On 16 May, two weeks after the crash, a search team found the plane in a thick part of the jungle and recovered the bodies of the three adults on board but the young children were nowhere to be found. Hoping he was alive, the Colombian army intensified the search and sent 150 soldiers with dogs to the area. Dozens of volunteers from indigenous tribes also helped with the search.

During the search, in an area where visibility was low and the jungle thick, soldiers on helicopters dropped boxes of food into the jungle, in the hope that it would help keep the children alive. The rescue team used a speaker that played a message recorded by the siblings’ grandmother, telling them to stay put. The four children were traveling with their mother when the plane crashed.


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