Congress alerted before the results, all MLAs were asked to reach Bengaluru by evening, arrangements for helicopter and chopper were also made

Congress suspects that BJP can contact their MLAs and break them.

Karnataka Election Results are almost here and Congress party is moving towards majority. The same Congress party is fudging every step. Congress seems to be getting absolute majority in Karnataka. But the party is taking all possible steps to avoid Operation Lotus.

As soon as the results started coming in favor of the Congress party, only after that the Congress party started contacting its potential MLAs and they have been asked to reach Bengaluru. The Congress high command is fully active and all the MLAs have been asked to reach Bengaluru today itself.

Apart from this, helicopter and chopper arrangements have been made for the MLAs who live in remote areas and cannot reach Bengaluru by night. Orders have been given to bring the MLAs directly to Bengaluru. Congress suspects that BJP can contact their MLAs and break them.


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Senior leaders have been entrusted with the responsibility of taking the Congress leaders to Bengaluru. Congress Party State President DK Shivkumar is constantly monitoring each of its leaders. At the same time, the celebration of victory has also started in the Congress party office and a meeting of the big leaders of the party can also be held by the evening.

Let us tell you that Congress has suffered the most in Operation Lotus. In Karnataka too, the Congress has faced Operation Lotus. In 2018, BJP became the single largest party but Congress formed the government in alliance with JDS. But soon after the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP carried out Operation Lotus and many MLAs of the Congress party defected, due to which the JDS and Congress government in Karnataka fell and BJP single-handedly formed the government.

Congress leaders are giving credit for the big victory of Congress in Karnataka to Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi had held many public meetings in Karnataka and the party has also achieved good success.


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