Congress called the claims being made about Sengol fake, Amit Shah asked – why so much hatred for Indian tradition

In a tweet, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said these claims are bogus and being planted in the minds of people through WhatsApp.

The Congress on Friday claimed that there is no documentary evidence linking Sengol to Lord Mountbatten, C Rajagopalachari and Jawaharlal Nehru. Sengol is very much discussed these days. Home Minister Amit Shah had told in a press conference on May 24 that PM Modi would establish ‘Sengol’ in the new Parliament House.

It is being claimed that the British had transferred power to India through this Sengol at the time of independence. However, now the Congress was calling this claim fake. In a tweet, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said these claims are bogus and being planted in the minds of people through WhatsApp. The media is beating the drum on these claims.

Jairam Ramesh alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his drummers are using it for their political gains in Tamil Nadu. He wrote that it is the specialty of these people that they confuse the facts under their purpose.

Amit Shah’s counterattack

Countering the Congress allegations, Union Home Minister Amit Shah asked why the Congress party hates Indian traditions and culture so much. In a tweet, Shah said, “A sacred Sengol was given to Pandit Nehru by a holy Shaiv ​​Math in Tamil Nadu as a symbol of India’s independence but it was sent to a museum.”

Shah also said, “The Thiruvaduthurai Aadheenam, a holy Shaivite monastery, talked about the importance of Sengol at the time of India’s independence. Congress is telling the history of Adhinam as bogus! Congress needs to consider its behavior”

BJP President JP Nadda said that the parties which are boycotting the inauguration of the new Parliament House are dynasty-driven whose monarchical ways are against the principles of republicanism and democracy enshrined in our Constitution.


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The BJP president called the boycott an insult to the makers of the Constitution. The BJP chief said the Congress and the “Nehru-Gandhi” family are unable to digest the simple fact that the people of India have reposed their faith in a person coming from a humble background. The elitist mentality of the dynasties is preventing them from logical thinking.


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