Congress leader told Manoj Muntashir new member of IT Cell, furious lyricist said – first check your status…

Many people are mentioned in Manoj Muntashir’s poem. In which one name is also of Ram Prasad Bismil. For which he is being trolled.

After anti-Brahmin slogans on the walls of Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU Controversy), the matter is gaining momentum. Reactions are coming from all over the country on this matter. Music composer Manoj Muntashir Shukla also shared a poem after anti-Brahmin slogans, on which Congress leader Pankhuri Pathak surrounded him. Pankhuri has described Manoj Muntashir Shukla as the new member of BJP IT Cell.

Pankhuri Pathak wrote on Twitter about Manoj Muntashir, “Shukla from Muntashir recently appointed the new recruit of BJP IT Cell for lamenting Brahmin Brahmin. The voice has also exploded, the weight of the words has also reduced after being sold. Starting to feel hollow. Poor people are not able to understand that ‘Savarkar’ can be made by selling but not ‘Azad’.

Your livelihood will continue by calling me bad – Manoj Muntashir
To this, Manoj Muntashir wrote in reply, “Call me good or bad, your livelihood will continue, but before opening your tongue on great men like Veer Savarkar, check the status of your tongue. Read history, Mrs. Indira Gandhi was also a fan of Savarkar. The rest, the voice of lions is torn, you have only heard of goats, you will not understand.

Pankhuri tweeted like this
Pankhuri Pathak wrote in another tweet, “We were thinking that if there are poets, there might have been recruitment at a slightly better level, but then it came to know that common people have been appointed in the troll category.”


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“Follow the path shown by Savarkar because you have to become Mafiveer Part 2 as soon as the government changes.” In another tweet, he wrote, “Just to see how many days will it take for the apology to come. Because if the government goes, the salary will also go and which born Sanghi are you, you are only on contract.


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Manoj Muntashir is being trolled
Please tell that Manoj Muntashir has written a poem titled ‘Brahmin’. In which he has mentioned all the Brahmins. Meanwhile, he has also mentioned Ram Prasad Bismil. For which he is being trolled. People say that he was not a pundit.


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