Controversy over a minor matter, the principal was beaten with slippers, the video of the teachers’ fight going viral

Outside the school, one teacher hits the headmaster with slippers and the other is seen beating the teacher with a stick.

The video of the fight between the headmaster and female teachers in Bihar is viral on social media. In this video, two female teachers are seen beating the headmaster by throwing him on the ground with slippers. While the fight was taking place, the children of the school were also watching all this. Some people were also making videos.

The school became a riot on a trivial matter

It is being told that this fight took place over a minor dispute that started regarding closing the windows of the school. There was an argument between the female head master and the teacher and what happened then you can see in the video. Outside the school, one teacher hits the headmaster with slippers and the other is seen beating the teacher with a stick. Each other’s hair was also pulled.

The matter reached the authorities, what will be the action?

On the other hand, when the officials came to know about the incident, they have called it a mutual dispute. An official said that both the parties have been called. Senior officials were informed about this, action will be taken against them after getting instructions. At the same time, after the video went viral on social media, people are now taking jibes at the education system of Bihar.

One user wrote that this is the WWE of Bihar. A user named Ram Dayal Singh wrote that a wrestling match is going on in a government school in Bihar. Another user wrote that all this is happening in front of the children, what will be the effect on them? Another user wrote that if teachers fight like this then who will take care of the students? One user wrote- “If men fight and fight then they are not considered fit to live in the society and if girls or women fight then why is it taken as an entertainment?”


University’s HOD was demanding KISS from the girl student, video was made; angry people

@neetubhavi2010 User wrote, “Salary is high and they don’t have any work! An empty mind is the home of the devil. @ChaandK007 user wrote, “It is said that action is the proof of values, this condition of educated gurus tells how high the level of culture is, what would such people teach in school?”


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