Corona In China: People angry with the strict rules of Corona in China, protested on the road and shouted slogans leaving Jinping chair

Corona In China: People protesting raised slogans of leaving the chair to Jinping.

Corona In China: The situation in China has become uncontrollable due to Corona. There are no beds in the hospital. There is a shortage of ventilators and medical equipment. The dead are unable to get a place in the crematorium. On the other hand, due to the strictness of the government, people took to the streets on Friday (December 23, 2022). In Guangzhou, people demonstrated against the Chinese government and raised slogans of Jinping’s resignation. People have been kept in custody in China till the corona report is negative.

Due to the ever-increasing cases of Corona, the lack of medical resources in China has emerged as the biggest challenge. The situation is that not only is there a shortage of hospital beds, ventilators and medicines in China, but there is also a shortage of doctors and medical staff. This shocking revelation has been revealed in Chinese media reports.

Wang Guangfa, a respiratory specialist at Peking University First Hospital, said that cases of corona may increase in the next few days in Beijing, the capital of China. Wang said Beijing, surrounded by a new wave of corona infections, is putting additional pressure on medical resources. He said that ensuring that there is no shortage of medical resources is an important factor in increasing the success rate in treating COVID-19 cases. He said that we should make full preparations to deal with the virus in hospitals. Although China has claimed that on December 22, less than 4 thousand cases of Kovid have been reported in the whole country.


Covid in China: Shortage of blood, medicine in China, estimate of 5000 deaths daily, know the condition of China in 10 points

At the same time, it has also been claimed that there are three provinces in China where more than two crore people have been affected by Corona. These provinces are Henan, Hubei and Sichuan. Along with this, there are six such provinces, where the infection of Kovid is between one and two crores.

People queuing up for the last rites of their relatives

The pictures that are coming out from the funeral home in China. She is describing the terrible condition of China. Coffins are visible everywhere, which have been kept in queue for the last rites. In many places the situation is such that there is no place for the patients to sit. From all these circumstances, it can be estimated that what is the situation in China.

WHO Chief Ghebreyesus told a press conference amid the horrifying figures of Kovid in China that the situation after Kovid-19 is beyond our understanding. We don’t understand how to treat people with long-term consequences of the infection.


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