Covid In China: 160 million people in China have diabetes, 8 million elderly people without corona vaccine, they are at risk of falling prey to Covid

Vigilance Regarding Covid: Due to the new variant of the Omicron strain, a huge jump in Covid infections is being seen in China.

Panic After Again Outbreak Of Corona Virus In China: There is an atmosphere of panic all over the world due to new data amidst the possibility of Kovid catching up again in China and threatening millions of people. From the information received from the research centers and the team of experts there, it is being told that immediate vigilance needs to be taken. On the other hand, the University of Washington, Seattle has estimated that by the end of 2023, one crore 60 lakh people are expected to die of Kovid. Out of these, there is a danger of loss of life of 50 lakh people till April itself.

Those who are not vaccinated can become the cause of infection for others

According to Yanzhong Huang, senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations, China is estimated to have more than 160 million people with diabetes, and eight million people over the age of 80. There are people who haven’t been vaccinated yet. There is a possibility of their coming in the grip of Kovid and there is a serious risk of spreading the infection through them.

Precautionary restrictions and possibility of relief from vaccination

Reimposing precautionary restrictions, starting third and fourth doses of vaccination, and giving high antiviral drugs to at-risk groups are likely to provide some relief, experts say.


COVID-19 In Globe: Corona patients increased in many countries including America, know why Zero-Covid Policy failed in China

According to media sources, the situation in China is such that on an average two hundred people are dying daily. Because of this, the infection is also spreading rapidly among the employees working at the funeral site. Here in India too, the Ministry of Health has issued an alert.

In fact, when Kovid started three years ago, it was being said that its virus was prepared in China. There was a worldwide controversy regarding this. Now the situation is that the biggest victims are the people of China.


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