Delhi Murder Case: ‘Where are you witness friend? Will not talk to me…’ Sahil, Neetu and Praveen’s chat raised many questions

Sakshi has written that man, parents have kept him locked in the house. They don’t even give phone calls.

New revelations are happening every day in the Delhi murder case. Sahil confesses his crime and says that the boy seen in the CCTV footage is the same. He has killed the witness. At the same time, the chats of Sakshi, Sahil, Neetu and Praveen have come to the fore. According to Aaj Tak’s report, these chats are from 6 April to 6 May.

In fact, on April 6, Sakshi had written Hi to Sahil on Instagram. Along with this, at 2 o’clock in the night of April 14, Praveen had sent a message saying Hi to Sakshi. He had also told Sakshi that he has to talk.

Sakshi had sent a screen shot of these messages to her friend Neetu. The conversation between Neetu and Sakshi has also come to the fore. Neetu has sent a message on May 6 asking Sakshi that where are you Sakshi friend, won’t you talk to me? In response to this, Sakshi has written that man, parents have kept him locked in the house. They don’t even give phone calls. What should I do, I will run away.

Chat can reveal many secrets

Sakshi, Sahil, Praveen and Neetu are raising many questions in this chat. The thing is that why did Neetu tell Sakshi that she will not talk to me? Was Sakshi angry with her friend Neetu about something? This thing is also troubling in the mind that why did the parents of Sabhi keep her locked in the room, why was she talking about running away. What was the reason that his parents had snatched the phone from him? At present, the police is looking for answers to the conversation between these witnesses and Neetu.


In Delhi, the boy killed his girlfriend by mistake, then used evil mind to hide the dead body, such an open secret

This murder case of Delhi is being discussed all over the country. On Sunday, Sahil attacked Sakshi with a knife and killed her in Shahabad Dairy area. He stabbed the witness about 22 times. He kept hitting Sakshi till she died. The people present nearby also did not try to save everyone. After killing Sakshi, Sahil picked up a nearby stone and crushed her head and face. At present, the police have arrested Sahil and are taking further action.


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