Digvijay Singh got angry on the leader of his own party, Jyotiraditya Scindia taunted and the Congress leader took a pinch

When Congress leader Digvijay Singh was seen reprimanding a party worker from the stage, Scindia also took a dig at it.

A war of words is going on between the Congress and the BJP regarding the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections. Although the leaders of both the parties are seen expressing anger on their own leaders and workers. Recently, the BJP MP from Guna fiercely attacked Scindia, while all the Congress leaders pulled up Scindia. Now Congress leader Digvijay Singh was seen reprimanding a party worker from the stage, then Scindia has also taken a dig at it.

Digvijay Singh got angry on the worker

Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh is trying to unite the workers before the elections, but when he reached Burhanpur, he asked a Muslim leader to get down from the stage. Angered by this, the Muslim leader not only got down from the stage, but also left the venue. Whose video is going viral. It is being told that the leader on whom Digvijay Singh got angry is the village president of Burhanpur Congress Minority Morcha.

Union minister taunted

When this video of Digvijay Singh went viral on social media, Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia took a dig at it. Scindia tweeted, “It has been an old habit of Digvijay Singh ji to treat and misbehave with the leaders and workers of his own party in a conspiratorial manner. They think everyone will act like a remote at their behest. Rajasaheb Digvijay ji, give up arrogance, learn to adopt and respect people.


other people’s reactions

Digvijay Singh has reacted to Jyotiraditya Scindia’s tweet, he said, “Thank you Maharaj for your lesson!” A user named Santosh wrote that it is expected that Raja Saheb will follow the teachings given by Maharaj. Another user wrote, “Whatever you say Digvijay Sahab, your behavior in front of the camera was not good. Could you speak with love too? Who would tolerate being insulted in front of everyone like this? Apologizing to that youth leader is the only proper justice.


No other Scindia should be born in Congress – Digvijay Singh prayed to Mahakal, Jyotiraditya Scindia gave this answer

A user named Vinod Verma wrote that it is necessary to teach a lesson to the indiscipline workers. What kind of minority and majority in this. Dignity and discipline are necessary for everyone in Congress. A user named Ashok wrote, “Scindia ji KP Yadav is giving you a lot of respect, isn’t he in BJP!” A user named Shivam wrote that workers are the foundation of the party, Digvijay Singh ji is bent on weakening the same foundation.

Even before this, there has been a rhetoric between former Congress leader and minister in the current government Jyotiraditya Scindia and Congress leader Digvijay Singh.


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